Understanding Your Paystub

There is only one person that is concerned if you were paid correctly… you! The WRDSB is a huge employer and mistakes happen. Check your paystub on each pay and make sure it is correct.

LTOs are paid for each day worked. Payroll assumes a 5 day work week and doesn’t consider your schedule. To find out the gross value of each day, take the grid step and divide it by 194, then multiply by your FTE.

(Example: for someone at A3, step 7, working a .75 FTE – $81,292/194 x 0.75 = $314.27/day)

Access the pay grid by clicking here.  We are still currently working under the August 31, 2019 steps. Once a local agreement is reach we will update with the new grid.

If doing daily work click on the View Timesheet button to make sure all jobs worked are listed and for the correct amount of time, ie full day vs half day.

Remember neither those working daily jobs nor those in an LTO are paid for holidays or breaks.

Please note a few changes from the example. The EI yearly max for 2021 is $889.54. The CPP max for 2021 is $3,166.45. The Local dues are 0.15% for the 2021-2022 school year.

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