LTO List & Staffing Update

LTO List – Both the local grievance and the ministry report are moving forward. It is an especially slow process with the demands of board staffing and the provincial election, respectively. The collective bargaining committee will also be looking at options to encourage the re-opening of the LTO list.


June 16th Staffing – No information has come out updating this local or the general membership as to the process or timelines in regards to the June 16th contract and LTO staffing period. Keep an eye on the WRDSB Waterworks system memos for the most recent information from the board. I will continue to press the issue

WRDSB TWEA/Trillium Link and Report Card help


Useful Links and Documents


Some teachers are experiencing an issue with the SAVE button being “greyed out” while working in TWEA. This issue is consistent with computers that are using IE10 as the internet browser.

Page 3 in the Suggestions for Working in TWEA on Home Computers document provides a web link to work in compatibility view in IE 10 which improves the functionality of TWEA. This documentation is located in the TWEA Support Conference in the Document & FAQ’s in Waterworks. To check the Internet Explorer version on your computer follow these steps:

  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Click on Help located on the toolbar.
  • Choose About Internet Explorer.
  • A window will pop-up and display the version of Internet Explorer on your computer.




WRDSB OT Tip: 10 occurrences per year

  • Just a reminder to all members that under our Collective Agreement, we must complete 10 occurrences of Occasional Teaching before June 15 in order to stay on the list for the next year.
    • These are counted by job numbers, so a half-day assignment counts as one occurrence and a full day assignment counts as one occurrence, as well.
    • Failure to complete the required occurrences will result in members receiving a letter from HR before June 30 telling them they will be removed from the Occasional Teachers’ list (now known as the roster).
    • There is an appeal process available, but the Board is quite firm about this expectation.  We are currently in discussion with the Board to clarify he expectation for members who return from a leave part-way through the year.
    • If this is your situation and it appears that you will not have completed the 10-occurrence requirement before June 15, please contact this office.
  • Also under our Collective Agreement, if a member wants to apply for a full-year Leave of Absence, s/he must complete the 10 occurrence requirement in the year in which s/he applies.
    • So, if, for instance, you want to teach in Hong Kong next year, you must have completed 10 occurrences this year, AND you must apply for a leave before the next year begins.
    • If you know your plans, I suggest that you apply for a leave a.s.a.p. – before the end of June, if possible.  If you try and apply once next year begins, you will be expected to complete the 10 occurrences before you will be granted a leave.

Keep in mind that we haven’t met with the Board to discuss Local issues that might affect our Collective Agreement – some of these items may change – stay posted!!

Notice from the Health and Wellness Office at WRDSB

Attached please find information regarding extended illness/injury.  As OTs we can be victim of illness/injury that requires considerable time for recovery.  We can, upon completing the documentation required, be eligible for a medical leave of absence.

The attached memo refers to the links at which members can find forms and information regarding this.  Under this leave plan, the 10 occurrences required to remain on the list for the next school year may be waived.  If you find yourself in a situation requiring a considerable period of time away from Occasional teaching, please refer to these forms.  Do not delay the application if you think you may require such accommodation.

ES-M085 Health Promotion Program Procedures.pdf