LTO Roster & List are now on ECNO / EPIP

Your ECNO/EPIP site is now called the Self Service Portal where:

  • your pay stubs are found.
  • Your Collective Agreement is also available through that site,
  • you can change your personal information – name, address, phone number etc. there,
  • and now, the Board has published ‘The Roster’ and ‘The List’ on this site, as well. Check the drop-down menu on the left side of the page.

It is the members’ responsibility to ensure that the information included on this site is accurate.  If it is not, contact the HR department at the Board.

It is especially important that the date of hire information is accurate.  It should be the date you were hired to the OT roster of the WRDSB.  It should not be the date of your first hire to the Board if that was for other than an OT position.  For instance, if you were a Library clerk and then an EA and then an OT with the WRDSB, your date of hire should be the most recent date you joined the OT roster.  As this determines your seniority, it is important that it be right!  Check it now!  You need to ask to have changes made in a timely manner.

Always check you pay stub carefully.  If there has been an error and you weren’t paid for an assignment, it is easier to track if you report it a.s.a.p.