Not feeling well during your LTO? That happens but it is important to understand the next steps. Each school is different in whether they would like you to enter the absence in Apply to Education yourself or if they would like an admin to enter it for you. Check with your school first.

Instructions on creating an absence for yourself on Apply to Education can be found here.

Our Collective Agreement provides the following information:

Sick leave can be used for personal illness, personal injury, including personal medical appointments and personal dental appointments. Sick leave is not to care for family members

If in a full year 1.0 LTO, eleven (11) sick days are provided. Teachers who are less than full-time shall have their sick leave allocation pro-rated.

If it is serious enough that you need to be off for more than 6 consecutive days, the school administrators must be notified and medical documentation is required. Any costs associated with this are paid for by the teacher. More specifics about what documentation is required can be found on the board website.

When a longer period of time is required to be away the Short-Term Leave and Disability Plan is accessed. Each year a teacher in a full year 1.0 LTO is allocated 120 short-term disability days, with those who are less than full-time being pro-rated. Payment for these days is equivalent to ninety percent (90%) of the regular salary.

Teachers who are using the Short-Term Leave and Disability Plan may first access any unused sick days from a previous year worked to top up their salary to one hundred percent (100%). More information about the top up can be found in the Collective Agreement on page 18.