To help members participate fully in all WROTL activities and events, our members may submit a request for reimbursement for childcare costs that may have been incurred while participating in a ETFO sponsored activity.

To apply, please click here to access the form.

The policy is listed below, with details regarding the eligibility and the amount available.

Dependent Care Subsidy Policy
May 2011
(Revised March 2014, November 2015, effective September 2018, January 2020)

It is the intent of the WROTL that its members shall not suffer undue financial hardship
when attending WROTL events, and those sponsored by the provincial ETFO office,
because of the need for dependent care for family members. Therefore, reimbursement
will be provided, upon request, as follows:

  1. Payment for Child and Adult Dependent Care shall be $35 for the first dependent
    and $5 for each additional dependent to a maximum of fifty dollars ($50) per day
    of the event of the Local. If the event is sponsored by the provincial ETFO office,
    and dependent care is not provided, the Executive shall determine whether to
    provide dependent care to its Local members who attend the event.
  2. Payment for child care is limited to dependents eighteen years (18) of age and
  3. Payment for adult dependent care is limited to an adult whose care is the
    responsibility of the member.
  4. Payment shall not be made when a family member, who does not regularly
    charge for such care, provides care on this occasion.
  5. All requests must be made within thirty days (30) of the Local activity.
  6. Original, signed receipts from the provider must accompany the member’s
    request, with the proper completed Dependent Care Subsidy form.
  7. All requests must be submitted to the President of the Local at the Local office.
    Requests shall be charged to the budget line for dependent care.
  8. Executive members and committee chairs who are being reimbursed for release
    time are not eligible for dependent care reimbursement.