The Membership Development Fund (MDF) provides ETFO WROTL members with funding to support their Professional Learning:

  • up to a maximum of $175 per member per year for an activity (such as an Additional Qualification (AQ) course or workshop).
  • a resource subsidy of $50 per member per year is also available.

Not a huge amount – but every little bit helps!


The MDF program is now available for the 2021-2022 year.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY for July – Dec 2021 activities and resources

CLICK HERE TO APPLY for Jan – June 2022 activities and resources

Please be sure to select the correct form. Thank you.


To be eligible for OT MDF support you need to:

  • be a member of the local who has completed their probationary period with WRDSB at the time the expense was incurred and on the date of completion for the courses/ activities
  • Officers and members of ETFO WROTL are eligible to receive MDF support, as long as they are not part of the decision process.
  • Applications for funding must be for courses/activities/conferences that are relevant to professional learning as it informs elementary classroom practice. Due to limited funding, we cannot support programs for personal growth, such as fitness classes, yoga, general interest courses, etc.
  • professional development books, digital resources or membership fees that provide access to resources (excluding OCT Fees) that support their professional learning in an elementary classroom.
  • Applicants will be required to briefly describe how their activity or resource will assist in their professional growth.
  • Note: MDF support may not be applied to any OT coverage if you are on a Long Term (LTO) assignment or in a partial contract. The release will need to be arranged with the school administrator if required.
  • If you are concerned about the course/workshop eligibility please email:

Please note that the executive approved some changes to how the monies are allocated throughout the year:

“Funds will be allocated throughout the school year in the following way:
 The funding will be divided equally into two terms. One half of the monies will be allocated for any courses completed or resources purchased between July 1 and December 31, and one half for any courses completed or resources purchased between January 1 and June 30.

Application Process

• Members must apply using the online MDF application form
• All applications must include receipts showing proof of payment
• Required documents, including proof of successful completion for the activity subsidy, can be submitted using the application form, or by email to
• All required documentation must be received in accordance with the timelines outlined above.


Call 519-571-0222 or email