Membership Development Fund (MDF)

The 2019/2020 MDF funding have been exhausted.
Applications for this year are now closed.

The Membership Development Fund (MDF) provides ETFO WROTL members with funding to support Professional Development:

  • up to a maximum of $175 per member per year for an activity (such as an Additional Qualification (AQ) course or workshop).
  • a Resource subsidy of $50 per member per year is also available.

Not a huge amount – but every little bit helps!


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  • Due by: June 15 of each year.
  • Reviewed monthly from September-June, please consider this delay when applying.  Emails will be responded to when the applications are processed.


To be eligible for OT MDF support you need to:

  1. have been complete your probationary period with the WRDSB as an Occasional Teachers (10 full days), as of the end date of the course/activity/conference.
  2. Officers and members of ETFO WROTL are eligible to receive MDF support, as long as they are not part of the decision process.
  3. Applications for funding must be for courses/activities/conferences that are relevant to professional learning as it informs elementary classroom practice. Due to limited funding, we cannot support programs for personal growth, such as fitness classes, yoga, general interest courses, etc.
  4. professional development books, digital resources or membership fees that provide access to resources (excluding OCT Fees) that support their professional learning in an elementary classroom.
  5. NOTE: MDF support may not be applied to any OT coverage if you are on a Long Term (LTO) assignment. The release will need to be arranged with the school administrator if required.
  6. If you are concerned about the course/workshop eligibility please email:

Procedure for Applying for OT Member Development Fund Support

Applications will be submitted online only, using the links above.

You must submit your claim by June 15th

Summary of the Process

  1. Member submits an MDF Expense Sheet with receipts by June 15th to the MDF Administrator.
  2. Receipts and statements/certificates attesting to the successful completion of courses/activities/conferences must be received by the MDF Administrator ( no later than the last day of the school year in order to be eligible for reimbursement for the current year.
    • If your qualification has not appeared on the College of Teachers site for AQ courses, and your provider does not give you a certificate or note indicating successful completion, make sure your receipts are submitted, and we can process a cheque and wait until the qualification appears on the College of Teachers before we mail it out. There can be no extensions to this date. If you are taking a course during the summer, keep the receipts and certificates that indicate successful completion for submission for MDF for the school year.
  3. Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis until the budgeted amount is exhausted. Completing the request form before an activity is begun, or completed, will allow that funds be “set aside” for that request pending successful completion.
  4. If an application is denied by the committee, the applicant may appeal that decision to the President of the Local. The President will present the appeal to the Executive at the next regularly scheduled Executive meeting. The decision of the Executive will be the final decision.
  5. The maximum amount of money available to an applicant, for an activity, is $175.00 per school year and $50.00 for a professional resource, per school year.

Questions?  Call 519-571-0222 or email

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