Have you been asked to give up your prep period or perform an extra supervision duty as a Daily OT?

In some situations, a school may need to obtain coverage for fail-to-fill classes, and teachers may be asked to sacrifice their planning time (prep) periods to assist with this coverage.

Permanent teachers and LTOs have a process in place for those teachers to receive planning payback, but previously no such process existed for Daily OTs. As such, in the latest Collective Agreement the board has agreed to pay out Daily OTs who lose their prep periods. The permanent solution to this tracking has been implemented by the board and it is no longer the individual occasional teacher’s responsibility.

However, always check your paystub to confirm the amount owed has been included properly.

Please note: If you have a double prep (or more) on the first day of an assignment, the admin can re-schedule you, in the case of a fail-to-fill, without a requirement for pay for the periods above and beyond the single prep.

Outside of this exception, you should be paid for any lost prep time as a daily occasional teacher.