Lost Planning Time

Have you been asked to give up your prep period as a Daily OT?

In some situations, a school may need to obtain coverage for fail-to-fill classes, and teachers may be asked to sacrifice their planning time (prep) periods to assist with this coverage.

Permanent teachers and LTOs have a process in place for those teachers to receive planning payback, but no such process exists for Daily OTs. As such, the board has advised that LTOs and Permanent teachers should be used in these situations, and the administrator should be approaching those teachers first, and not requesting that Daily OTs sacrifice their planning time instead. If you are asked, please note this to the administrator: “I can assist if this is an emergency, but I will need to inform my local”.

In these times with a high number of fail-to-fills, this is an unfortunate reality we are facing more frequently than normal, and this fact is recognized by the board, administrators and the local. We are asking for member solidarity on this issue as we will be bargaining locally trying to resolve this issue and are working to establish a process for those emergency situations should Daily OTs be needed for coverage in the future.

If this happens to you while working as a Daily OT, please click on the link below and report this, so you can be compensated for the extra time you spent teaching that was not part of your assigned teachers assignment.


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