LTO Hiring Timelines

2020 timelines have been delayed due to COVID-19 Pandemic. As of Nov 2020 it is unclear if the following hiring timeline will be followed. Check with the local office for more recent updates.

LTO Hiring Timeline

Month Hiring


(First Round)

The first round of hiring is completed centrally by the board.
Any available contracts and any 0.6 or greater LTO’s are posted.
Only those people on the LTO List may apply.
The board places people into positions based on seniority.
No interviews are conducted. Principals then contacted people to let them know which position they are placed into.

(Second round)

During the second round, any left-over jobs from the first round, plus any partial LTO’s under 0.6 or new LTOs are posted. These jobs are open to anyone on the OT Roster to apply for, however, if there is anyone left on the LTO List they are given first priority.
Candidates are interviewed and accepted for positions.
October In October WRDSB reorganizes their classrooms. This means an influx of new LTO positions.

(see below LTOs throughout the year)

November 30th The LTO list job posting must be published by Nov 30th every school year.
Once the board has announced they are accepting LTO list applicants, OT Roster candidates who have been on the WRDSB for 10 months are able to apply.
Hiring may occur anytime after this date.
LTOs – throughout the school year If there are people left on the LTO List, who are not already in an LTO, the top 5 (by seniority) candidates will be interviewed.

If there is no one left on the LTO List, it is at the discretion of the Principal for who they choose to interview.

French LTOs Once there are no WRDSB French qualified employees available, French specialized positions are posted externally; meaning that these jobs are posted to people with French qualifications that are not currently employed by the WRDSB.

Updated 2020

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