Policies & Procedures


  1. Operating Procedure #1 – Workshop/Presentation Guidelines for Payment of Fees.
  2. Operating Procedure #2 – Expense Claims and Travel Expenses
  3. Operating Procedure #3 – Paid Release Time
    • Considerations for Reimbursement of Time Worked by Executive Members.
  4. Operating Procedure #4 – Door Prize Eligibility
  5. Operating Procedure # 5 – Donations Policy
  6. Operating Policy #6 – Membership Development Fund (MDF)
  7. Operating Procedure # 7 –
    • Part A:  Local Members at ETFO Provincial Meetings
    • Part B: Local Members at Provincial Occasional Teachers’ Meetings.
  8. Operating Procedure # 8 – Dependent Care Subsidy Policy
  9. Operating Procedure # 9 – Roles and Responsibilities for Delegates and Alternates of the Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local to the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario Annual Meeting.
  10. Operating Policy #10 – Honorary Life Membership
  11. Operating Policy #11 – Long Service and Retirement Awards Policy

Operating Procedure #1

Workshop/Presentation Guidelines for Payment of Fees

Effective October 1, 1998

Revised May 2010, October 2010, September 2012, February 2014, November 2015, January 2018

When any committee, or the Executive, is planning a workshop or presentation to the general membership, the following guidelines will apply:

  1. Any proposed workshop or speaker shall be discussed with the committee before the workshop/presentation is offered to the OT members or the speaker is confirmed. It is imperative that the potential speaker /presenter understands that the final decision will be made by the committee, or in some circumstances, the Executive of the Local, and therefore, a commitment to engage the person’s services is not in place until that decision by the committee/Executive is made.
  1. When a committee member approaches an individual or group for a speaking engagement or workshop presentation, the committee member needs to determine what costs may be involved, e.g. speaker/presenter fee, materials cost, travel expenses, accommodation costs, meal expenses, dependent care expenses, etc. The speaker(s)/presenter(s) shall be made aware that the proposal must be approved by the host committee before the engagement is confirmed. The committee member shall request an outline or synopsis of the potential workshop/presentation. Once the confirmation is made, a written agreement (or email confirmation) will be made and the speaker/presenter will receive a copy.
  1. In every case, each speaker/presenter will receive a small gift. For those speakers/presenters who are receiving a monetary payment, the gift shall not exceed fifteen dollars ($15.00). For those speakers/presenters who are not receiving a fee, the gift or donation to a charitable organization shall not exceed thirty-five dollars ($35.00). All fees/payments for speakers/presenters who are contributors to the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, must go through their board payroll or through the ETFO office.
  1. The following guidelines apply to the various types of speakers/presenters involved: a) Professional Speakers – the committee will have the information as to the speaker’s total costs and will make a decision whether or not to engage the services of the individual prior to the commitment being made.
    b) Speaker/Presenter from the ETFO Provincial Office – if the individual is a member of the ETFO provincial staff, s/he will receive a small gift and all other costs will be undertaken by the provincial office, unless otherwise specified ahead of time. If it is a “Presenters on the Road” workshop, ETFO pays part of the costs and the remaining predetermined costs are paid by the Local. If there is another format being used by the ETFO provincial office for presenters, e.g., splitting the costs between the Local and the ETFO provincial office, the committee will make the determination ahead of time whether or not to enter into this agreement.
    c) ETFO-WROT Local Speaker/Presenter – speakers will be given a small gift and up to one hundred dollars ($100.00) per hour of the presentation as a fee/payment to a maximum total amount equal to the amount received for a day of occasional teaching at the daily rate (2015 – $231.57). All costs will be finalized prior to the event.
    d) ETFO-WRT Local Member – speakers will be given a small gift and up to one hundred dollars ($100.00) per hour of the presentation as a fee/payment to a maximum total amount equal to the amount received for day of occasional teaching at the daily rate. One day of occasional teacher coverage may be given in lieu of money. If the workshop is more than a half day, the presenter will receive an additional $100.00. All costs will be finalized prior to the event.
    e) “Public” Speakers/Presenters – this would refer to presenters from social agencies, businesses, universities, etc. A small gift will be given as well as agreed upon expenses. If there is no expense involved, a small donation to a charitable organization or charity may be given, as predetermined by the committee/Executive.
    f) Trained ETFO Members – e.g., if the services of a Parliamentarian are used, the costs involved would be predetermined. In usual circumstances there is a minimum two hundred dollar ($200.00) fee per meeting plus travel expenses.
    g) Presentations During the Regular School Day – if the presenter would normally be working during the school day at their school, their replacement occasional teacher coverage would be covered and paid to the Board, based on either a half-day or full-day presentation. Additionally, the speaker would receive a fee/payment of up to one hundred dollars ($100.00) per hour of the presentation to a maximum total amount equal to the amount received for a day of occasional teaching at the current daily rate, other agreed-upon expenses, and a small gift.
    h) Outside the Regular School Day – the presenter would receive a fee/payment of up to one hundred dollars ($100.00) per hour of the presentation to a maximum total amount equal to the amount received for a day of occasional teaching at the current daily rate, plus other agreed-upon costs.
    i) WRDSB (non-ETFO) Staff – non-teaching staff would be presented with a small gift only. If there are other costs involved, these would be finalized prior to the event. If the Board presenters are ETFO members, the guidelines in 4 (c, d, f, g, and/or h) would apply.
    j) Members of the ETFO – WROT Local Executive – for the Executive members who are required to present at a function as part of their Executive responsibility, e.g., new teacher orientation, general membership meetings, etc., travel and material costs would be covered as well as work reimbursement at the daily OT hourly rate.

Operating Procedure #2

Expense Claims and Travel Expenses

(revised February 2014; November 2015; January 2018)

  1. The President shall approve and sign all expense claims prior to submission to Treasurer for payment. Claims must be submitted on the designated expense forms with all receipts attached. Travel costs will be paid based on the travel expense form log.

Gratuities – when at Federation events, especially those that are overnight or at the Federation Annual Meeting:

  • $5.00/day to Housekeeping Staff for room cleaning, with the money to be left daily in the room;
  • $2.00-$3.00 per bag for a bellhop is considered appropriate
  • $10.00 is considered appropriate when the bellhop has to load, deliver and unload a cart for the delegation at FAM
  • Usually WROTL members would look after their own suitcases on overnight trips since most  suitcases are on rollers
  • Up to $5.00 for other hotel staff for services performed, as appropriate
  • Up to 15 – 20%, depending on the level of service, for meals but must be included in the amounts set as maximums by ETFO.
  • Transportation should be up to 15 – 20%, depending on the level of service

These tips can be listed on the expense form for ETFO or for the Local. Anything greater than $10.00 must have a paper receipt to accompany the claim.

  1. The President’s expenses shall be approved by the First Vice-President or Treasurer prior to submission to the Treasurer for repayment.
  2. All financial transactions shall be signed by two of the signing officers. The signing officers shall be the President, First Vice President and Treasurer.
  3. At no time will blank cheques be signed by a signing officer.
  4. Minutes of the Local Annual Meeting shall be delivered to the Education Credit Union to verify the signing officers. The address is as follows:

Education Credit Union, Education Centre,

6-51 Ardelt Avenue Kitchener, ON N2C 2S9


The new signing officers shall present themselves to the Education Credit Union to complete the necessary forms to be recognized as signing officers, prior to taking office.

  1. All expenses for the July 1st to June 30th period shall be filed on a regular basis. The last date for submission of expenses will be June 30th.
  2. No corporate credit cards will be issued to the Local.
  3. Release time claims, whether submitted to Provincial for reimbursement or paid by the Local, shall be approved by Executive motion prior to payment.
  4. The Treasurer shall present a report at Executive meetings of expenses incurred during the previous month and the current amounts in the bank accounts. It is expected that capital or operating expenditures in excess of $400.00 will be presented for Executive consideration prior to purchase.
  5. Travel expenses are only to be paid when a member is acting on behalf of the Local.

10.1    Travel expense claims are calculated from home or a school, if teaching, on the day of the Federation meeting/activity, and return to home.

10.2    The rate at which the travel expense is paid shall be the current rate established by the Federation.

10.3    Travel expense forms must be submitted to the Local Treasurer by June 30.

  1. Expenses for the month of June must be submitted prior to June 30.

Operating Procedure #3

Paid Release Time

    March 31, 2009; revised April 2010, Oct. 2010, Feb. 2014, Dec. 2015, Jan 2018

  1. Effective July 1, 2009, release time will be paid to an Executive member, with the exception of the President, when conducting approved Local Federation business based on the current local daily rate. Executive members must submit a “Work Equivalency Reimbursement” form to the President, for approval, when requesting such payment.
  2. A day is considered to be eight (8) hours of working time in keeping with the hours of insurable employment as defined in the collective agreement of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario – Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local (ETFO-WROTL). Should the entire half day or full day not be required for the specified Federation activity, the remaining time will be used for other Federation purposes, either on that day or at another time.
  3. Executive members may receive compensation as set out below. Most compensation will be paid at the daily rate:
  • The First Vice President position shall be a 0.4 FTE release position, with 0.25 FTE of this position compensated by ETFO provincial office. The First Vice President shall be compensated for attending provincial meetings, as well as the other duties assigned to the First Vice President. Additional release time shall be compensated at the daily rate.
  • The Second Vice President may be compensated for up to five (5) days per school year for attending provincial meetings, as well as other duties assigned to the Second Vice President.
  • The Treasurer may be compensated for up to forty (40) days per school year for carrying out the treasurer’s duties and attending provincial meetings.
  • The Communications Officer may be compensated for up to ten (10) days per school year for the preparation, collection, and circulation of minutes of Executive and membership meetings, maintaining the website and other social media outlets for the Local, attending provincial meetings, and any other duties assigned by the President.
  • Executive members-at-large may be compensated for up to three (3) days per school year for assuming duties and responsibilities as designated by the President and/or the Local Executive, and attending provincial meetings.


  1. With the exception of the PL Committee chair, committee chairs who are not members of the Executive, may also be compensated for up to two (2) days per school year for carrying out the duties of a committee chair, as determined by the Terms of Reference for that committee, and for attending provincial meetings. The chair of the PL Committee may be compensated for up to five (5) days per school year. For Executive members who are chairs of committees, 15 minutes in addition to hours spent chairing the committee meeting will be reimbursed for preparing the agenda, arranging the meeting etc. Other committee members will not be considered for release time reimbursement payment, except in unusual cases as predetermined and approved by the Executive.
  2. At the discretion of the Executive, and with prior approval, release time may be provided to a Local member who provides service to the Local.
  3. At the discretion and prior approval of the Local Executive, and depending on the needs of the Local in a given year, release time guidelines may be altered as needed.
  4. A work equivalency reimbursement form must be completed and submitted for approval by the President, as outlined in the policy for expense claims.
  5. All payments for work reimbursement will be done through the WRDSB or through the ETFO provincial office.
  6. With the exception of the President, who receives a responsibility allowance of ten per cent (10%) of Grid Level A4, Step 10, per year, and the First Vice President who receives a responsibility allowance of five per cent (5%) of Grid Level A4, Step 10 X FTE of the position, per year, no other honorarium payment will be made to any Executive member for work equivalency reimbursement. The President’s responsibility allowance will be paid through the WRDSB payroll system or the provincial ETFO office.
  7. No member will accrue hours for the purposes of paid release time when attending provincial events for which they would normally not be paid, i.e., workshops that occur on weekends or in the evening, the Federation Annual Meeting, overnight meetings (the overnight or non-meeting time portion), etc.


Considerations for Reimbursement of Time Worked by Executive Members

  1. A reasonable amount of preparedness for Executive meetings is expected. Reimbursement will be for the actual length of Executive meetings.
  2. It is expected that Executive members will be familiar with our major documents. No reimbursement will be available for reading the Collective Agreement or Constitution and By-laws etc.
  3. Executive members who choose to sit on standing committees apart from those identified as being in their portfolio, will not be reimbursed for attending those meetings, unless they are the chair of that committee.
  4. Reimbursement will be available for one Executive member who is identified as ‘site manager’ for any WROT Local workshop/event. Their duties may include room set-up, pick up of refreshments, managing the sign-in process, handling member issues at the event, providing/assigning speaker introduction and thanks, accommodating requests of the speaker – i.e. equipment, photocopying.  Time shall be workshop hours plus reasonable pre-meeting and post meeting clean-up time.
  5. Reimbursement may be claimed for time at member meetings at which Executive members are expected to be present and expected to mingle with members and answer questions/direct members to information etc. i.e. Fall General Meeting, Local Annual Meeting and New Member Meetings. Time for Executive social portions of the meetings will not be reimbursed.  e. the dinner part of the Local Annual Meeting, Christmas/year end Executive dinners, going for a beverage following a meeting, etc.
  6. Reimbursement for GHOTs shall be 8 hours. Reimbursement for EOT, Staff Advisory, TIE, or other meetings where attendance is requested by the President will be 4 hours, with the understanding that if the time spent is considerably less than 8 or 4 hours, it will be used for office assistance or deducted from committee work, etc.
  7. Federation work, where attendance is requested by the President after school hours will be reimbursed for hours spent. e. EasyConnect workshop with Manager of Human Resources, Health and Safety Training, etc. Successful completion of the programme will be expected in order to qualify for reimbursement. This will be considered ‘Federation Professional Learning’ as it can be used to benefit all members on an ongoing basis.
  8. Hours spent at workshops for ‘personal development’ will not be reimbursed. e. Assessment workshops.
  9. Executive members are not eligible for reimbursement of dependent care expenses for those activities and events where they are already being reimbursed for their time, i.e., at Executive meetings, at committee meetings where they are the chair and/or where their position on the committee is part of their role description. For those committees on which they choose to serve, in addition to their position portfolio, Executive members can claim dependent care expenses since they are not being otherwise reimbursed for their time.
  10. Reimbursement forms will be available at every Executive meeting. All claims are to be submitted at least twice during the school year, and by June 30th at the very latest.



Operating Procedure #4

Door Prize Eligibility

May 2011

Revised March 2014

  1. All members of the Local and guests are eligible for door prizes at Local Federation workshops or other events, with the exception of the Executive and/or hosting committee members at the event.

Operating Procedure # 5

Donations Policy

May 2011

Revised March 2014; November 2015; November 2016; January 2018

Donations in Memoriam

Upon the death of a member of the general membership, a member of the Executive, or an Executive member’s immediate family member, the Local will donate up to $50 to an appropriate charity. A card will be sent to members or their families in bereavement situations.

Charitable Donations

Charitable donations made by the WROT Local Executive on behalf of the membership must benefit local children and/or those charities acknowledged by ETFO. (Dec. 2009)

Donations will be done twice per year, just prior to the December Holiday Break and at the end of June, if funds are available. An Executive member can bring the request for a donation, to the attention of the Executive, at any time when extenuating circumstances might facilitate such a request.

The amount for each charitable donation will not exceed $200.00. In cases where ETFO appeals for funds to support natural disasters, etc, the amount approved by the Executive shall not exceed $500.00. All remaining monies in the Donations line of the budget shall be remitted to ETFO for the Humanity Fund by June 30th, with the amount not exceeding $5,000.00 as per the Constitution & Bylaws.

Political Donations

  1. All requests for support shall be submitted to the Local Executive in writing.
  2. The decision to support a candidate is at the discretion of the Local Executive.
  3. Approved offers of support shall be communicated to the candidate in writing.
  4. Any offers of financial support shall not be construed as a political endorsement of the candidate by the officers of the Local.
  5. A proper receipt is required when a donation is made to candidate.
  6. Donations from the WROTL shall be communicated to the membership.

Donations authorized by the WROTL Executive to candidates running for political office will not exceed the following amounts:

    • Municipal Elections – upon request, candidates who are members of the Local – not to exceed one hundred, twenty-five dollars ($125.00) per candidate
    • Provincial Elections – no amount will be paid for any candidate, according to Provincial ETFO direction and the law.
    • Federal Elections – no amount will be paid for any candidate, according to Provincial ETFO direction and the law.
    • Provincial Federation Elections – upon request, not to exceed two hundred, fifty dollars ($250.00) per candidate.

Operating Policy #6

Membership Development Fund (MDF)

November 2015

Revised Spring 2019

The Membership Development Fund (MDF) provides ETFO Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local members with funding to support their Professional Learning.

Members are eligible to apply once they have completed their probationary period with the WRDSB.

Applications for funding must be for:

  • courses/activities/conferences that are relevant to elementary classroom practice. Due to limited funding, we cannot support programmes for personal growth, such as fitness classes, general interest courses, etc.
  • professional development books, digital resources or membership fees that provide access to resources (excluding OCT Fees) that support their professional learning in an elementary classroom.

Applicants will be required to briefly describe how their activity or resource will assist in their professional growth.

The maximum amount of money available to an applicant, for an activity, is $175.00 per school year and $50.00 for professional development books, per school year.

Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until the budgeted amount is depleted.

Submitting a request for funding before an activity has concluded, will allow that funds are ‘set aside’ for that request pending successful completion.

MDF support may not be applied to any OT coverage if you are in a Long Term Occasional (LTO) assignment.

Officers and members of the ETFO WROTL Executive and Committees are eligible to receive MDF support as long as they are not part of the decision process.

If an application is denied by the Committee, the applicant may appeal that decision to the President of the Local. The President will present the appeal to the Executive at the next regularly scheduled Executive meeting. The decision of the Executive will be final.

Applying Online:

  • Apply online through the Membership Funding tab on the website – etfowrotl.com – ‘submit’ box
  • All receipts and proof of successful completion must be emailed to

MDFAdministrator@etfowatots.ca by June 15.



Operating Procedure # 7

Part A:  Local Members at ETFO Provincial Meetings

May 2011

Revised March 2104, November 2015, January 2018

Preamble: The Executive recognizes the important training opportunities for Executive members and/or Committee Chairs by having them attend Provincial meetings.  Decisions on the attendance of such members, based on Local funding costs, will be made by the Executive, through motion, prior to the event. Budget restraints and the relative importance of each particular session will be taken into account when making the motions and decisions.

Single room accommodation may be authorized by the President, upon request, when a member is attending a Federation or Provincial functions that has been previously approved by the Executive.

  1. Leadership Training: This occurs at the end of September (usually Thursday during the day) each school year. ETFO Provincial determines who, in addition to the President, may attend. The President automatically attends at Provincial expense.  All expenses are covered by the Provincial office and/or the Local. Accommodation, meal and travel expenses, as well as possible dependent care costs are reimbursed for Local members attending. If financial support for some chairs is not provided by the Provincial office, the Local Executive will approve, by motion, the costs for those people on the Executive and/or committee chairs who will attend, following the recommendations of the President. Release time is paid to members attending and this may also be a Local cost.
  2. Representative Council/Pre-Rep Meeting: This is held for two days in October, February and May of each school year, usually on a Wednesday afternoon/evening and all day Thursday. The President of the Local automatically attends, in a voting capacity, at Provincial expense. An additional member of the Local Executive may attend at the Local’s expense, provided a motion is passed by the Local Executive prior to the event being held. In general, it would be the 1st Vice President or 2nd Vice President who would attend with the President, if such a motion is passed. Release time, accommodation, travel costs and dependent care costs are paid by the Local for two days for those members attending Rep/Pre-Rep Council meetings.
  3. Federation Annual Meeting: This meeting is held in August, in Toronto. Members attending is partially covered by the Constitution. The number of delegates is determined by Provincial Office, based on the previous year’s numbers, as sent in by the school board (one year out of date). The president and 1st Vice President attend by virtue of their positions. Additional delegates are elected at the Local Annual Meeting. All members in good standing may choose to stand for election at the Local Annual Meeting. The prescribed number of delegates and up to two alternates may attend the Federation Annual Meeting. Costs for delegates are the responsibility of the ETFO Provincial Office. Usually, all costs for alternates are the responsibility of the Local. The possibility of a member having observer status for one day at the Federation Annual Meeting, with all related costs covered by the Local, must be determined through Executive motion, prior to June 30, preceding the Federation Annual Meeting.

Delegates and alternates to the Federation Annual General Meeting may, upon request, each have their own room, with the additional cost covered by the Local.

Part B: Local Members at Provincial Occasional Teachers’ Meetings

  1. GHOTs (Golden Horseshoe Occasional Teachers’) Meetings: These meetings are held once per month in the months of November, January, March, and April. The President/Designate of the Local attends at Local expense (travel and lunch costs). An additional member of the Local may attend a GHOTs meeting, provided a motion has been passed by the Local Executive prior to the meeting being held. All travel, meal and release time expenses are paid by the Local. All members of the Executive are open to attending a GHOTs meeting. It is usual that a different member of the Executive would attend, with the President/Designate, on each occasion.
  2. POTs (Provincial Occasional Teachers) Meetings: These meetings are held twice each year for 2.5 days each, in mid-September and early June. They are held in various locations around the province. Overnight accommodations for two and sometimes three evenings (depending on the meeting location), travel and meals, release time costs as well as possible dependent care expenses are covered by the Local. Because they tend to be rather costly meetings, only the President and usually one other person from the Executive attend. At the September POTs meeting the President shall attend and the 1st Vice President may attend. At the June POTs meeting the current president, and the incoming president of the Local shall attend. In the event that the current president and the incoming president of the Local are the same person, the incoming 1st Vice President may attend the June POTs meeting with the President. When finances allow, and with the prior approval of the Executive, additional Executive members may attend POTs meetings.


Operating Procedure # 8

Dependent Care Subsidy Policy

May 2011

Revised March 2014, November 2015, September 2018

It is the intent of the WROT Local that its members shall not suffer undue financial hardship when attending WROT Local events, and those sponsored by the provincial ETFO office, because of the need for dependent care for family members. Therefore, reimbursement will be provided, upon request, as follows:

  1. Payment for Child and Adult Dependent Care shall be $35 for the first dependent and $5 for each additional dependent to a maximum of fifty dollars ($50) per event of the Local. If the event is sponsored by the provincial ETFO office, and dependent care is not provided, the Executive shall determine whether to provide dependent care to its Local members who attend the event.
  2. Payment for child care is limited to dependents eighteen years (18) of age and under.
  3. Payment for adult dependent care is limited to an adult whose care is the responsibility of the member.
  4. Payment shall not be made when a family member, who does not regularly charge for such care, provides care on this occasion.
  5. All requests must be made within thirty days (30) of the Local activity.
  6. Original, signed receipts from the provider must accompany the member’s request, with the proper completed Dependent Care Subsidy form.
  7. All requests must be submitted to the President of the Local at the Local office. Requests shall be charged to the budget line for dependent care.
  8. Executive members and committee chairs who are being reimbursed for release time are not eligible for dependent care reimbursement.


Operating Procedure # 9

Roles and Responsibilities for Delegates and Alternates of the Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local to the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario Annual Meeting

June 2013, Nov. 2015

  1. The Local President or his/her designate shall chair the Local delegation and shall have the final authority to make decisions for the Local Delegation to the Federation Annual Meeting. Only the Local President or designate has the authority to revoke a Delegate’s/Alternate’s credentials at the Federation A.M.
  2. The ETFO – Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local Delegates to the Federation A.M. will be elected by the Local membership at the Local Annual Meeting in May. Unsuccessful candidates for the Delegate positions will be considered as Alternates for the Federation A.M. The final decision for Alternates will be made by the Local President.
  3. All elected Delegates and selected Alternates represent the ETFO – Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local.
  4. Delegates and Alternates shall attend meetings and training sessions prior to the ETFO AGM, and attend all Local Caucuses and business meetings at the Federation A.M. These may include breakfast and lunchtime meetings.
  5. Delegates and Alternates must vote in accordance with instructions the Local has chosen, by majority vote, to give to the delegation as a whole. When no vote is taken, but a direction has been given through discussion and agreement at the June POTs (Provincial Occasional Teachers) meeting, the Delegates and Alternates will vote in accordance with those directions, unless a different option is discussed and agreed upon. Where no direction has been given by the Local and/or POTs, Delegates/Alternates are free to vote as they choose. A “consensus” vote means the majority of members have come to a decided direction for the vote on a particular resolution, and all the Local Delegates/Alternates will vote in the direction given unless they have voiced their alternative position ahead of time. A “block” (en bloc) vote requires that Delegates/Alternates MUST vote in the agreed upon manner (at POTs or the Local Delegates and Alternates meeting) for a particular resolution. Revisions to these directions may occur at the OT Caucus, just prior to the start of the Federation A.M., or at any time throughout the A.M. when an OT caucus is called. The POTs “whip” will provide direction to the Delegates/Alternates, for voting, when a caucus is called.
  6. Should a Delegate/Alternate choose not to follow the directions given by the Local, the President/designate shall have the authority to replace the Delegate/Alternate.
  7. Should a Delegate need to leave the floor of the Federation A.M. at any time, the Delegate will request that an Alternate replace the Delegate to ensure that no delegate seats are empty at any time. Alternates must be prepared and available to assume the seat of a delegate as needed.
  8. It is expected, in usual circumstances, that all Delegates and Alternates will participate in the activities of the Local delegation during the time period of the Federation A.M. (Monday to Thursday). This would include evening activities as well, except in unusual circumstances as authorized by the delegation chair.
  9. “Spirit wear” chosen by the delegation will be worn at the opening of the Federation A.M. During the remainder of the meeting it will be worn as often as possible and when appropriate, at the discretion of the Delegate/Alternate.
  10. The Federation A.M. gala event, on Wednesday evening, requires each Delegate/Alternate to wear more formal attire as this is a dressy occasion. Throughout the remainder of the A.M., Delegates and Alternates are asked to dress respectably, remembering that they represent the members of the Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local.

(referenced from Robert’s RONR, 11th Edition, Chapter XIX, CONVENTIONS, p. 600)


Operating Policy #10

Honorary Life Membership

February 2014

In accordance with the Constitution & Bylaws, Honorary Life Membership may be awarded to a retired member of the WROT Local:

ARTICLE IV- MEMBERSHIP, Section 3- Honorary Life Membership

3.1 Honorary Life Membership may be granted, by Executive motion, to a retired member of the Local or its predecessors, who has given outstanding service to the Local or the Federation. The member must be retired from ETFO and the Local, and receiving an OTPPB pension. Honorary Life Members who have been granted an honorary life membership by WCWTA or OPSTF- Waterloo District will have that membership continued in the Local.

3.2 Honorary Life Members may attend Local meetings and events, in a non-voting capacity by invitation from the Local office.

3.3 Honorary Life Members may receive Local communications, as the Local decides.

3.4 Honorary Life Members may serve on Local committees, task forces, and workgroups, as the Local decides.

A nomination must be made to the Executive no later than five (5) years after the retirement of the member.  A recognition award shall be provided to the recipient(s) of Honorary Life Membership. The member shall be recognized at the Local Annual Meeting.

Selection Criteria: A minimum of ten (10) points must be recorded in order for a nomination to be considered:

The nominated applicant must have been a member in good standing at the time of their retirement and demonstrated experience and commitment to the Local/Federation.

  1. WROT Local President:
    3 points  for the first term and 1 point for each additional term up to 5 points.
  2. WROT Local Executive Member:
    1 point for the first term and 1 point for each additional term up to 5 points
  3. WROT Local Members appointed/elected to represent the Local with the Waterloo Region District School Board (on various Board committees/events):
    1 point per term and 1 point for each additional term to a maximum of 5
  4. WROT Local Member appointed to represent the Local or ETFO in outside organizations:
    1 point for the first term and 1 point for each additional term up to a total of 5 points, and as appointed by the Executive.
  5. Member of the provincial ETFO Executive or its predecessors (FWTAO and OPSTF):
    10 points for the first term and 1 point for each additional term up to a total of 15 points
  6. ETFO Provincial Committee member, member of provincial task force or work group:
    1 point per term to a maximum of 5 points
  7. ETFO provincial committee/task force/ work group chair:
    1 point per term with an additional point as chair, up to a maximum of 5 points
  8. WROT Local committee/work group/task force member and/or chair:
    1 point per term up to a total of 5 points per committee/work group/ task force with 1 additional point for chair
  9. WROT Local or provincial presenter workshop/credit course/keynote on behalf of, or with the endorsement of the WROT Local:
    1 point per course, etc., to a maximum of 5 points
  10. Governor of OTF:
    3 points per term plus an additional point for each year of service up to a total of 5 points
  11. OTF or CTF committee member or delegate:
    1 point per term plus 1 additional point for each year of service up to a total of 10 points.

Operating Policy #11

Long Service and Retirement Awards Policy

December  2016

  1. The Local will recognize long-serving members at the Fall General Meeting.
  2. Years of service will be calculated by the member’s start date with the WRDSB as an occasional teacher.
  3. The following are the suggested tokens of recognition for long service. They may be changed as determined by the Executive. The first four awards may be purchased in bulk. The last two awards will be purchased on an individual basis, as needed.


Years of Service Token of Recognition Cost per Unit
1 5 Key Chain $10
2 10 Letter Opener $15 – $20
3 15 Portfolio $25 – $35
4 20 Apple $50 – $60
5 25 Watch $75 – $90
6 30 Clock $100 – $125
  1. Members receiving a long service award will be sent a letter of congratulations and will be invited to attend the Fall General Membership Meeting. They will be presented with their award at that meeting.
  2. When members are not able to attend the specified meeting to receive their award, they may receive their award at the Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local Office, when they request it, and it is within the same school year.
  3. The Local will recognize members who are retiring from the WRDSB to a pension, as well as those that are re-retiring, at either the Fall General Meeting or the Spring Annual Meeting, whichever is more appropriate. Members must notify the local of their retirement.
  4. Members who are retiring to a pension will be presented with a Hand Bell Award. Members who are re-retiring will be presented with a flower.

Operating Procedure #12

Lieu Time for Released Officers

December 2018

Released officers are paid a salary based on their experience level according to the salary grid. Additionally, they receive an honorarium, according to the Constitution & Bylaws. However, released officers are often requested to put in additional hours beyond the normal working day such as evenings, weekends, holidays, etc. It shall be the policy of the Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local that released Officers may claim lieu time for additional hours worked, not to exceed ten (10) workdays per year. The lieu time must be claimed during a normal working day. With the prior approval of the Executive, additional lieu time may be granted in unusual circumstances. It shall be the responsibility of the released officers to track their lieu time and keep a written record.

Operating Procedure #13

Invitations to the WROT Local Annual Meeting

December 2018

Printed invitations to the Local Annual Meeting shall be issued to the following people:

  • Human Resources Officers with whom the Local works closely
  • Anyone who has been part of the immediately preceding Local Annual business meeting
  • OT Presidents whose Locals border the perimeter of our own Local; ie., Avon Maitland, Upper Grand, Grand Erie, Hamilton-Wentworth, Thames Valley
  • Presidents of our sister Locals: OSSTF, OECTA, WR DECE, WRTL
  • Chair of the Board and Director of Education
  • ETFO President or designate, ETFO Executive Liaison
  • Any additional guests determined by the current President or a vote of the WROT Local Executive

Operating Procedure #14

WROT Local General Members Attending Executive Meetings

December 2018

14.1 Members of the WROTL roster may attend an Executive meeting, as a guest, with the prior permission of the President.

14.2 Any member of the roster wishing to attend an Executive meeting must give a minimum of two (2) working days written notice of attendance to the President.

14.3 Guests at Executive meetings shall be observers only, and may not participate in discussion or votes of the Executive. An exception to provide information to the Executive may be made at the request of the President.

14.4 Executive meeting guests will not be present during in-camera sessions of the Executive.

Operating Procedure #15

Committee Appreciation

December 2018

15.1 Committee members of the Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local shall receive a token of appreciation from the Local. It shall be the responsibility of the committee chair, in conjunction with the 1st Vice President, to determine the eligibility of each committee member for receiving this token.

15.2 The appreciation token shall be presented by the 1st Vice President of the Local and the appropriate committee chair, at the Local Annual Meeting, following the dinner.

15.3 The token of appreciation shall be a gift card, or other small gift, not to exceed ten dollars ($10.00) in value.

Operating Policy #16

Computer and Electronics Policy

June 2019

Allocation of Computers

The following computers should be available in the WROTL office:

President – 1 stand-alone desktop computer with wide monitor or side by side monitors

1 laptop computer

1st Vice President – 1 stand-alone desktop computer with side by side monitors

Treasurer – 1 Laptop or one desktop computer with single screen monitor

Remaining Executive Members – access to one laptop computer, as needed

Total number of computers: 5

Updating of Hardware and Software:

Computer hardware and software need to be updated on a somewhat regular basis.

Software – the replacement time is usually when the company which provides it will no longer support the current version being used in the office, or when the software becomes damaged or no longer fulfills the purpose for which it was purchased.

Hardware – the replacement cycle is somewhat as follows. There are no hard and fast timelines. However, it is imperative that hardware be replaced before it is totally damaged, if possible, or when it becomes so inefficient that it becomes tedious and not cost effective to keep using it.

Desktop Stand-Alone Computers – Usually these computers should last at least 4 – 5 years. The rule of thumb is to look at the length of the warranty period and multiply this by 150%. i.e., if the warranty period is 3 years the computer should be expected to last about 4.5 – 5 years.  If the machine is still usable it may be allocated elsewhere in the office at that time, or may continue in its current role until a later date.

Laptop computers – the replacement time is often reduced by 25% of the warranty period. This would depend on the user and the usage, whether the laptop is being carted around to various venues. So, if the warranty period is 3 years, a good rule of thumb would be to look at replacement every two and a half to three years. If the laptop doesn’t leave the office and the user is careful, it may last longer.








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