Federation Annual Meeting Committee

The FAM committee is assigned to:

  • review the procedures to be used in the elections at the Annual Meeting.
  • review operating procedures for the Annual Meeting.
  • develop a draft agenda for the Annual Meeting for the approval of the Executive.
  • receive and review resolutions submitted to the Annual Meeting and prepare the Annual Meeting Booklet for distribution to the membership.
  • facilitate the operation of the Annual Meeting.

TERMS OF REFERENCE (Revised December 2018):


a) The name of this committee shall be the ETFO – Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local (ETFO – WROTL) Federation Annual Meeting Committee.

b) The name Federation Annual Meeting Committee (FAM) shall appear once and hereafter, shall be referred to as the Committee.


a) The Committee shall consist of the President, the First Vice President, the Second Vice President, the chair of the Local Constitution & Bylaws Committee, and other interested Executive members of the Local. Delegates and alternates to the FAM shall become members of this committee once they are elected.

b) The chair shall be the President of the ETFO – WROTL.

c) The secretary shall be appointed at the first meeting of the Committee.

d) Other interested members of the Local may join the committee at a meeting should they have possible resolutions to present to the Committee and general membership for consideration.

Function and Role:

a) The Committee is responsible to, and shall take direction from, the ETFO – WROTL Executive with regard to possible resolutions to take forward to the FAM.

b) The Committee shall meet at least once prior to Jan. 31st, and as needed, thereafter.

c) The Committee shall present potential resolutions for the FAM to the general membership for approval at a Winter General Membership meeting, in February. Each resolution must be duly passed by the Local to go forward to the provincial ETFO office, prior to March 1st.

d) Following the Local Annual Meeting the Committee will meet with the delegates/alternates to the FAM, in June, to discuss resolutions, and determine the specifics concerning the Local’s delegation to the FAM in August, i.e., rooming assignments, positions on each resolution, spirit wear, parking, meals, etc.

Duties of Members:

a) The duties of the Committee chair shall include:

i) developing an agenda, in consultation with the other members of the Committee or the Executive, prior to each Committee meeting, and the Winter General Membership meeting if held.

ii) briefing the Committee members and the WROT Local Executive about any possible resolutions prior to the Winter General Membership meeting, if held.

iii) keeping records of the expenditures and receipts relative to the Committee, and maintaining the approved budget of the Committee.

iv) submitting receipts for payment of expenses, to cover expenditures incurred during the current fiscal year, to the ETFO – WROTL Treasurer by June 30.

b) The duties of the secretary shall include:

i) recording and distributing the minutes of the Committee meetings to members of the Committee.

ii) ensuring that resolutions passed at a Winter General Membership meeting of the Local if held, are sent to the provincial office prior to March 1st, to be included in the Annual Meeting Resolutions booklet.

iii) reporting to the Local Executive and the general membership, the outcome of this Winter General Membership meeting, if held.

iv) handling Committee correspondence.

c) The duties of the remaining members of the Committee shall include:

i) attending meetings, as called,

ii) notifying the chair of the Committee ahead of time, when they are unable to attend a duly called meeting.

iii) attending the Winter General Membership meeting, if held.

Procedures for resignation:

a) All resignations shall be by letter to the chair of the Committee who in turn shall forward the resignation to the President of the ETFO – WROTL.

b) With the advice of the Committee Chair, the ETFO – WROTL Executive shall decide on the advisability of appointing a new member to fill the vacancy and to complete the term of office of the resigning member.

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