Budget Committee

shutterstock_117017443The Budget Committee is responsible for approving the draft budget and making recommended changes to the proposed budget prior to the Annual General Meeting.


TERMS OF REFERENCE (revised February 2018)

  1. Name:
    1. The name of this committee shall be the ETFO – Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local (ETFO-WROTL) Budget Committee.
    2. The name ETFO – Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local Budget Committee shall appear at least once. Thereafter, the abbreviation, the Committee may be used.

  2. Composition:
    1. The Committee shall consist of the President, the First Vice President, and the Treasurer of the ETFO-WROT Local Executive.
    2. The chair of the Committee shall be the Treasurer.
    3. The secretary of the Committee shall be the First Vice President.

  3. Function and Role:
    1. The Committee is responsible to, and shall take direction from, the ETFO-WROTL Executive.
    2. The Committee shall prepare a proposed draft budget for the following school year to the ETFO-WROTL Executive, no later than the April Executive meeting of the current school year. The Executive shall approve the draft budget, with any recommended changes, prior to having the Treasurer present it to the general membership at the Local Annual Meeting in May, and the Fall General Meeting in October.
    3. The Committee shall meet in September of the next school year to finalize the previously approved draft budget for presentation to the October Executive meeting and the Fall General Meeting for final approval.
    4. It shall be the responsibility of the Committee to:
    5. keep a record of the minutes of the Committee meetings.
    6. provide rationale for decisions made in drafting the budget proposal, both in May and the following October.

  4. Duties of Members:
    1. The duties of the Committee chair /Treasurer shall include:
    2. meeting with the president and First Vice President prior to the April Executive meeting.
    3. calling and chairing meetings of the Committee, as needed.
    4. reporting regularly, or as requested, to the ETFO-WROTL Executive.
    5. keeping records of the expenditures and receipts relative to the  Committee meetings.
    6. submitting receipts for payment of expenses, to cover expenditures of the committee incurred during the current fiscal year, to the ETFO-WROT treasurer by June 30.
    7. handling Committee correspondence.
    8. The duties of the Committee members shall include:
    9. attending the scheduled meetings of the Committee.
    10. notifying the chair of the Committee if unable to attend a meeting.
    11. carrying out the functions as directed by the chair of the Committee and the ETFO-WROTL President.
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