School of the Year 2011/2012

Today, June 1, is the deadline for you to fill in the Survey Monkey form to nominate a school that you feel has been particularly welcoming to you as an OT – whether doing an LTO or working on a daily basis. The survey came to your email address on May 18. It only takes a few seconds to nominate a school although you are welcome to write additional comments about your experience at a school, if you wish.

Health & Safety Training

We understand that there have been difficulties encountered by some members trying to complete the compulsory Health and Safety Training.  Both modules are now available and must be completed by February 29.  Some pointers:

  • The modules must be accessed through the Board’s website –  From there the instructions provided as a link from the enewsletter of Feb. 1 are detailed and correct.
  • Some members have had trouble with the module ‘freezing’.  This is very frustrating – it happens at the end of chapter 5, or as the WRDSB ‘logo’ is ‘filling with ink’ at 58%, most commonly.  I held my breath at each of those times and was able to complete both modules.  If you have trouble, contact Shannon-Melissa Dunlop at 519-571-0222 ext. 4638.
  • There is a ‘check box’ at the end of the Violence Video – you need to click that to confirm that you have watched the video.
  • The WHMIS training has a 15 question quiz.  I would suggest that you might want to take notes while watching the video – you need to know the symbols.  Most of the answers are quite ‘obvious’, but you do need to get 80% to pass.  It will let you know at the end that you have completed it.
  • A member advises that you not use the ‘pause’ or redirect options too often (I don’t know how often ‘too often’ is!), or it will ‘freeze’ you out.  The WHMIS training takes at least half an hour, as does the Violence video.  They do not need to be completed in one sitting.
  • Do it sooner rather than later!  Do not wait until February 29!!
  • Good Luck!  We have a very limited amount of time and computer access here at the office, if members cannot complete these sessions by themselves.   Please call if you are in need of assistance.  You do need your PAL password and username – but you can also reset that from the sign in page of the training, without having to go through IT, as long as you have ever been enrolled for a PAL password.

How To Access the Health & Safety Training Modules.pdf