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Easy Connect Dedicated Cancellation Line

easy-connect-logoHuman Resource Services has set up a dedicated Board telephone extension for EasyConnect cancellations.

Effective immediately, employee’s cancelling a job for the current day should call the Education Centre:

(519-570-0003) extension 4292.
This extension will be dedicated to cancellations only.

The extension will be monitored daily by Bonnie Krone.  In Bonnie’s absence, the back up will monitor the extension to ensure jobs are cancelled in a timely manner.

For the remainder of June, Bonnie will monitor her extension, along with the new cancellation extension, to ensure no cancellations are missed.

There will be no change to the future dated cancellations process.  Employees should contact the school’s administration to cancel the job.

All other questions can be directed to ApplytoEducation’s customer service or Bonnie Krone at extension 4226.

EasyConnect Question & Answer Session – Wed., March 2, 2016

We have compiled some of the more common EasyConnect questions and put together an FAQ.  Click here to access the fact sheets.

We are aware that some people are still waiting for some of their pre-booked jobs to appear in their EasyConnect Accepted Postings tab.  Please be patient with this process as they are manually being transferred over by someone at the board office (Subfinder and EasyConnect are not connected).  If you are concerned about any specific jobs, contact the administrator at the school to verify they still need you for that job.

Also remember to go into The Calendar and update your availability, especially if you are in an LTO.

If you still have questions about the EasyConnect system, our office is hosting a Question & Answer Session:

  • When:  Wednesday March 2, 2015
  • Time: 4:30pm
  • Where: WROTL Office (130 Highland Rd East)
  • Registration: Just Drop-In

Subfinder 2015 Update

SubfinderCurrently the Subfinder system allows members to opt out of calls from specific schools. This not only benefits our members but it also saves time in allowing the system to make intelligent calls and only contact employees that are willing to work at that site.

In order to better serve both the board and the Occasional Teachers there has been some discussion as to allowing Occasional Teachers the ability to opt out of Subfinder calls for specific qualifications or divisions. Similar to the ability to limit school sites, this would allow the system the ability to only contact employees that are willing to work in that division or subject.

I’ve invited you to fill out the Subfinder System Poll there is only one question: Link here  

Unavailability and Fail to Fill Reminders

SubfinderThe board requests that Occasional Teachers remember to book themselves out of the Subfinder system if they are in a LTO or are unavailable for work. There is no penalty for booking yourself unavailable and it will stop the system from wasting time calling unavailable OTs. This process is considerably easier with the online component.

A reminder to Occasional Teachers to utilize the Fail to Fill line in the mornings that they don’t have a pre-booked assignment.

More information about the fail-to-fill process please can be found here:

I encourage all OTs to try the fail-to-fill line if you want to ensure a steady amount of work.

Fail-to-Fills: Be Ready!

A reminder out to Occasional Teachers that utilize the Fail to Fill line in the morning.

The expectation of calling the Fail to Fill line is you are ready to be deployed for that morning.  The board is finding that OTs are calling the line and when they call them back they are told they will be late because the OT is not ready (need to shower, make lunch, find babysitter, walk dog, still in bed… etc)

For more information about the fail-to-fill process please head to the local website

We have had a large increase in the amount of unfilled jobs, especially on Mondays and Fridays. I encourage all OTs to try the fail-to-fill line if you want to ensure a steady amount of work.

SubFinder Apps: A No No

It has come to the attention of the local and the board as to the existence of 3rd party Subfinder apps that are available at a cost to members. The board is looking at the possibility of blocking these apps after equity issues have since arose. An occasional teacher should not be able to pay a fee to get a competitive edge over another when accepting work. The major issue that these app have presented though is that they are against board policy.

Administrative Procedure 4070 RESPONSIBLE USE PROCEDURE for INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION TECHNOLOGIES4.5 protecting the integrity of their account usernames and passwords

By providing a username and password to a 3rd party app, the member could be in violation of the boards communication policy.

Subfinder Myths and Questions

The Executive is hosting two delegates from Human Resources at our next executive meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 18th and we would like your help!

E-mail your questions to and we will be developing a FAQ.  What questions or concerns to you have about the subfinder and fail-to-fill process?