WRDSB Teachers Syrian Refugee Support

A group of teachers in the WRDSB are working together to privately sponsor a refugee family.

Sponsoring a family is a year-long commitment to provide for their financial needs, find and furnish a home for them, and help them transition to life in Canada. It’s a big undertaking, but with a lot of help, we know we can do it!

The first step is to raise the necessary funds as soon as possible: $27,000. Please consider making a donation to our refugee sponsorship fund. All donations receive a charitable tax receipt from MCC.

Your donation will make a huge difference to a family that has been through what is unimaginable for many of us. It will help them come to safety in Canada, send their children to school and allow them add their own unique gifts to Canada. We will be richer in having them.


To find out more or to help please email: teachersponsorshipgroup@gmail.com


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Holiday Office Hours

The WROTL office will close on Friday, December 18, 2015.  It will  reopen on Monday, January 4, 2016.

The Emergency Legal Assistance system (ETFO Provincial 1-888-838-3836) will be operational over the holiday period to respond to critical calls only.
The general e-mail will be checked daily and an effort will be made to return critical messages within 24 hours. Non-critical messages will be responded to after the holiday.

Update on the Tentative Agreement

Where can I find information about the teacher/OT Tentative Agreement?
A four-page document called ETFO Tentative Agreement Highlights was provided to Local Presidents and Chief Negotiators earlier today. Your local will share the Highlights document with you. Please watch for that document and review it carefully. If you didn’t receive it, please ensure that you have shared your personal email with the local. If you have not done so, please send it to wrotlocal@etfowatots.ca
Tentative Agreement Nov 4 2015
What’s been happening since the teacher/occasional teacher (OT) Tentative Agreement was reached on November 2?
According to ETFO’s Terms of Reference for Central Bargaining, a central tentative agreement must be approved by ETFO’s Provincial Executive, and then presented to local presidents and chief negotiators for information before it is shared with the membership.
ETFO’s Provincial Executive met on November 3 and endorsed the teacher/OT Tentative Agreement.  Earlier today, Local Presidents and Chief Negotiators met in Toronto and were presented with that Tentative Agreement.
Where can I find information about the teacher/OT Tentative Agreement?
A four-page document called ETFO Tentative Agreement Highlights was provided to Local Presidents and Chief Negotiators earlier today. Your local will share the Highlights document with you. Please watch for that document and review it carefully.
Will there be a ratification vote regarding the teacher/OT Tentative Agreement?
Yes. The voting period takes place from Sunday, November 8 (starting at noon) until Thursday, November 12 (ending at midnight).  ETFO teacher and OT members may participate in this ratification vote, which will be held online.
Telephone town hall meetings with President Hammond to discuss the Tentative Agreement will take place from Monday, November 9 until Wednesday, November 11.  All ETFO members – including DECE, ESP and PSP members – will be invited to participate in the telephone town hall meetings.
More details about the ratification vote and telephone town hall meetings will be forwarded to you tomorrow evening. In the interim, ETFO would like to provide you with answers to some questions you may have about the suspension of strike action, Progress Report Cards and parent interviews.
Why did ETFO suspend teacher/OT strike action before the ratification vote?
When a union negotiates a tentative agreement, suspending strike action prior to a ratification vote is a common practice in both the public and private sectors. There is a corresponding obligation for employers to suspend any action they are taking against employees – so workers cannot be locked out, pay cannot be docked, etc.
It should be noted that the last time ETFO was in a similar situation (during the 2004 round of collective bargaining), strike action was suspended as soon as a provincial agreement was reached.
On November 2, ETFO suspended strike action until the results of a teacher/OT member ratification vote regarding the Tentative Agreement become known. Some work that was struck was resumed immediately.  Other work may impact on workload and, therefore, requires some discussion before it can be resumed.
If the Tentative Agreement is ratified, information will be shared with members about the resumption of struck work.  If the Tentative Agreement is not ratified, ETFO’s work-to-rule strike action will continue.
Your Local President and ETFO Strike Coordinator will be making contact with school board representatives very soon to discuss reasonable timelines for the resumption of all struck work. Your local will follow up with you about the outcome of these discussions.
Progress Report Cards were considered struck work. Why are ETFO members now being asked to complete them?
There is a Memorandum that is part of the Tentative Agreement reached by ETFO, OPSBA and the government. That Memorandum outlines an agreement to complete Progress Report Cards.  The Memorandum, along with the rest of the Tentative Agreement, will be voted on by ETFO teacher/OT members over five days between November 8 and November 12. If the Tentative Agreement is ratified, ETFO teachers/OTs will be asked to complete Progress Report Cards in accordance with the Ministry document, Growing Success. The deadline for Progress Report Cards going home would then be determined by school boards in consultation with ETFO locals.
While there is a window of time for Progress Report Cards to be completed (November 7 – December 11), this cannot happen until after ETFO’s ratification vote and after at the two weeks’ notice requirement has been met. The earliest this deadline could be is November 30. Boards should not be requesting draft reports before this time.
My principal is setting up an interview schedule for Progress Report Cards. What do I do?
Interviews regarding progress reports remain at the discretion of the teacher/OT and should only be initiated if the teacher/OT has a concern about a child’s progress. If a parent makes contact to request an interview, you are encouraged to communicate with parents as you normally would, i.e., via email or through telephone communication rather than formal interviews.
More information will be forthcoming from ETFO about these issues. We appreciate your patience as we prepare for the teacher/OT ratification vote.

Information that can be given to Parents

The following link is to a flyer provided by ETFO provincial for ETFO members to download and distribute to parents when leafleting or at events.

The letter should NOT be handed out to students.

The letter should NOT be copied or distributed using WRDSB time or resources.

The letter should ONLY be given DIRECTLY to a parent or parents.

Members are not obligated to distribute the letter, however as it has been provided we are sharing it here. Some members have contacted us asking about material that could be provided for parents that request it or have questions.

To download the letter click: ETFO Letter To Parents

If there are questions about the letter or around distributing it, please contact us at the office.