OCT Fees

OCT Fees

The annual OCT Fee amount for 2015 is $150.00.  The WRDSB will collect the fee for active Long Term Occasional Teachers who receive a pay on January 23, 2015. Those that are submitting on their own have until April 15th to submit.



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Ontario College of Teachers: Mandate Creep

Since it was established in 1996, the Ontario College of Teachers has expanded into areas that are beyond its legislated mandate and that place it in the position of straying into the domain of the legislated responsibilities of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) and its affiliates, which includes the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.

There should be a clear separation of roles where the College regulates the teaching profession in the public interest and advocacy for the profession is left to the organizations that represent teachers.

The “mandate creep” on the part of the College creates confusion about its role on the part of both teachers and the public. It has also led to a misguided use of College human and financial resources and to an increase in staff and budget that College registrants have been forced to pay for. The College revenue comes solely from fees charged for registering with the College.

There is growing concern on the part of teachers that the College is engaged in empire building and expanding its activities at their expense. There was an extensive protest on the part of registrants to the recent fee increase. There is no accountability to those who pay the fees for how the College funds are spent or whether a fee increase is justified. Since the College is ultimately accountable to the Ontario government through the government’s legislative and regulatory authority, ETFO is looking to the provincial government to intervene to ensure the College focuses solely on its core mandate of regulating the teaching profession in the public interest.


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