Connecting Occasionally – April 24, 2015

Hello Members,

It has been a very busy couple of weeks and I belive it may be forshadowing the months to come. It is more important than every that members stay up to date on the provincial issues. If you haven’t already, please visit for up to date information and keep an eye open for “ETFO Bargaining Bulletins.” The Ontario public school boards are demanding that we give up many rights that we have bargained for over the years. We have a responsibility to be aware of the issues so that we can defend our collective agreement.

Locally, we will soon begin bargaining directly with the WRDSB and attempt to make gains as outlined in the preliminary submission. Our collective bargaining team will keep the members updated as this process moves forward.

Thank you to the PL committee, executive members, and everyone who attended the “Carousel of Workshops” on April 17th. It was a major success and feedback from the workshops has been well received. I look forward to next year’s event.

The local has put out a call for executive nominations as well as delegates to the provincial annual meeting in August. Please consider both of these opportunities. Don’t hesitate to inquire if you have questions about the roles or the process.

Nathan Core

Connecting…Occasionally – Sept 15, 2011

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Begging your pardon…

The calendar books that members are receiving by mail this week contain two errors. Our printer apologizes for these production errors.

  • On the first page of the book, the office phone number is incorrect. It should be 519-571-0222 (not 519-571-0220).
  • They also left out the first two pages of school information for schools beginning with a number and schools beginning with ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ until Courtland P.S.

It is not reasonable for us to have the books reprinted and mailed out to all members. We are including the pages here with this eNewsletter so that you can print them and soon we will have replacement inserts available to distribute to members at meetings, workshops, etc.

Please accept our apology, and that of our printer.

Offence Declaration Available

It is a condition of employment that all Board employees complete an annual Offence Declaration. It is now posted on the ECNO site. Members must complete it by September 30, 2011. Failure to complete the declaration will mean that members need to go to a police station and obtain another criminal check at their own expense. In the interim, their name will be blocked from Subfinder and they will not be able to complete assignments.

Check out our Webpage!

Get in the habit of checking our Webpage at! We’ll be updating it regularly so use it to see last minute changes to events and to find many answers concerning questions about your rights and responsibilities as an Occasional Teacher.

Positively Positive!!

We’re lucky to be working for in Waterloo! Again this year, enrollment in our schools has risen. Many regions across the province continue to face declining enrollment, teacher redundancy and school closings.

Watch for the possibility of more contract and LTO positions in early October as the Board will likely have to reorganize some schools. Adjusting classes can be a challenging time in school communities, but it is a real opportunity for OTs!

Election Stickers

Members are encouraged to use the ‘I Am Voting’ stickers in the mailed package to remind ourselves and to encourage others to exercise our right to vote. Because they are non-partisan, you can wear them in the schools or stick them to books you might carry to a school etc. Contract teachers are being encouraged to use them in the week leading up to the election. It is our responsibility to be aware of the issues that affect us. The result of the election on Oct. 6 will have a considerable impact on Occasional Teachers. Here are some questions you may wish to ask candidates in your riding…

  1. Do you believe it’s time to review the province’s use of standardized tests? Do you support moving to random sampling for the provincial EQAO Grade 3 and 6 tests?
  2. Do you support reducing the funding differential for elementary and secondary students?
  3. Do you support reducing class size in grades 4 to 8 to support improved student engagement and achievement?
  4. Will you advocate for more specialist teachers in publically funded schools?
  5. What are your views regarding the role of school fundraising and parent fees?
  6. What actions do you believe should be taken to ensure the quality and success of the full day Kindergarten programme?
  7. What will you do at Queen’s Park to ensure that the needs of special education students are more adequately funded and that school boards aren’t forced to take funds from other programmes to support special education?
  8. Do you support extending public funding to private religious schools?

We have some information regarding these, and other important questions here in the OT office. Give us a call if you’d like to discuss these issues.

World Teachers’ Day

Mark October 5 on your calendar! Celebrate being part of the world’s greatest profession! Drop by the WROTL office at 130 Highland Rd. East, Kitchener between 3:00 and 6:30 p.m. to enjoy hot apple cider and munch on a fresh apple.

We will have lots of free stuff for this ‘grab and go’ event, and have a couple of door prizes. If you have any professional resource books you’d like to sell, bring them along! You’ll need to be there to sell your books, but we’ll provide space!

Just social Just fun! Just drop in!

Waterworks…Appropriate Use…

Further to the recent email regarding the use of Waterworks, we encourage members to read the Acceptable Use Procedure document that is available in by clicking on the ‘Introduction to Waterworks’ conference icon on your Waterworks desktop. Then click on the ‘waterworks Documents’ icon in the left column, then open the file called ‘Acceptable Use Guidelines.PDF’. We will also have that document posted on our FAQs section of our OT Conference and it will also be available through our webpage at

The last page of that document is of particular interest as it outlines unacceptable conduct for users of Waterworks. Number 2 on that page would include sending unsolicited emails to school conferences. It has been suggested that members use ‘professional judgment’ when using Waterworks.

  • If an administrator has asked you to post your availability on a school site, then do so.
  • If an administrator sends you an email, then respond.

That is different than sending an email to dozens of school conferences in schools in which you may have never, or rarely, taught, which can be read by all staff including custodians and office administrators. If in doubt, consider the impact your message may have should several hundred of your colleagues decide to do the same thing. If still in doubt, check it out!

Call the OT office, or the IT department if you prefer, to get another perspective.

Subfinder Update!!

I wish I had a definitive answer to the Subfinder woes…and they are considerable!! At a meeting attended by Tammy Gaudun, our Communications’ Officer, and me, this morning, we were assured that the Board is very aware of the issue and the difficulties that members are encountering with Subfinder.

The Board ‘intensively investigating’ the cause and possible solutions – both seem to be elusive at this time. The Board has upgraded its hardware and is in discussion with the provider to try and develop a plan. They are asking members to be patient during this process.

I am asking that members make me aware of issues with the system and resultant difficulties in being at the right place at the right time as a result of the inaccessibility of Subfinder. Human Resources has assured us that considerable leniency will be exercised if issues arise. It could be that a ‘hiatus’ from Subfinder – during which administrators would have to contact OTs directly to set up dates, may be recommended until the issue is resolved.

We will continue to keep members apprised with information as soon as we hear it – and have asked that we be informed on a very regular basis.


School Reorganization

Things can change quickly! The Board has started the reorganization of schools that I referred to in yesterday’s newsletter. Quite a few new classes have been added. Those positions are currently advertised internally – that means that only current contract teachers with the WRDSB may apply to these positions at this time. The postings close on Monday, interviews and a ‘reshuffling’ will follow. I would expect that the positions that will be available for OTs to apply to will be posted late next week. Not all of the positions offered will be contract positions as the Board may change some of them to LTO positions. Watch for the postings on Apply to Education. Good luck!

Re: Offence Declaration

Please take care of this at your earliest possible convenience!
The site for ECNO is https:\\ Personally, I just enter ‘wrdsb -ECNO as a google search, click on ‘applications’ and there it is! You do need your correct username and password. If you need to have your password reset, you will need to call ext. 5566 at the Board (519-570-0003). If you need to log a ticket, you must use a black admin computer in a school or at the Ed. Centre library. You cannot log a ticket from your home computer. Getting a reset can take a few days, so please see how far you can get as soon as possible, so you are not up against the deadline of September 30!

Tim Horton’s Meet & Greet

I didn’t include the location of the Tim Horton’s Meet and Greet in the e-newsletter, although it is in the hard copy newsletter you should have received in the mail this week. The Meet and Greet will be at the Tim Horton’s at Weber and Bridgeport in Waterloo on Wed. Sept. 21, from about 3:45 until 5:00.

Sept 15, 2011

In this Issue:

  • Begging your pardon
  • Offence Declaration
  • Check out our website
  • Positively Positive!
  • Election Stickers
  • World Teacher’s Day
  • WaterWorks… Acceptable Use
  • Subfinder Update
  • Addenda – Sept 16, 2011

Key Dates

  • Sept. 20 – Deadline for proposed interim amendments to the WROTL Constitution
  • Sept. 21 – Tim Horton’s Meet and Greet
  • Sept. 23 – P.D. Day
  • Sept. 29 ‘- OT Staffroom’ Discussion
  • Sept. 29 – Gym Workshop
  • Oct. 5 – World Teacher’s Day

To see a complete list of upcoming events, click here

Pay Days

The first pay date for LTOs and Daily OTs who worked from Sept 6-9 will be September 23, 2011.

  • Sept 23
  • Oct 7
  • Oct 21
  • Nov 4
  • Nov 18

For a complete list, click here:

2011/2012 Pay Days

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