We are pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP). OTIP is a not-for-profit organization, specializing in providing insurance solutions for the education community. For almost 40 years, OTIP has provided ETFO OT members with unique insurance products and services such as home, auto, life and retiree benefits.


OTIP was built on the belief that educators, both active and retired, would be better served by a not-for-profit insurance advocate that is part of the education community. This core philosophy remains intact today. OTIP is proudly governed, led and inspired in part by ETFO and is committed to providing quality insurance benefits and advice to our membership.

Whether you are an occasional education employee hoping to be hired full-time, have chosen occasional work to match your lifestyle or are nearing retirement but working occasionally – we have a plan to meet your needs. OTIP also offers the following coverage options to fit your flexible lifestyle:

  • Extended health care coverage
  • Dental care coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term disability
  • Group home and auto (tenants, condo, motorcycles)
  • Travel insurance

To learn more about the insurance options available to you, click here.

OTIP Occasional and Casual Members (OCM) Benefits Plan
PLEASE note this is a separate plan that can work in conjunction with the ETFO ELHT Benefit Plan that you are eligible for while in a LTO
Here is some information about this plan:

  • Participation in the plan is voluntary.
  • A portion of your premiums may be paid by your school board. To learn more about your funding arrangement, you can contact your school board.
  • If you enrol in the plan, you are required to stay in the plan for 12 months, from September to August
  • If you obtain a long-term occasional (LTO) position/contract, you have options.

To determine the best option for you, be sure to review the attached Benefits Plan Guide or go to www.otip.com/Group-Benefits/Occasional-Casualotip-occasional-members-plan. You can also find a summary of benefits, premiums and eligibility in the attached guide or a non-updated version here.


As part of Waterloo Region OT Local, you have access to special programs and discounts available through OTIP.  If you’re currently shopping for home and auto insurance, you could save up to 50% off your home insurance for the first year when you purchase auto insurance through OTIP.

Call OTIP today at 1-888-892-4935 or visit www.otip.com/ETFO_Waterloo-OT to get a quote.