Applying to LTO Positions

Applying for Positions

It is very important that you apply to LTOs through the internal process. If you do not apply through the internal process, you may be waiving your rights as an employee of the WRDSB. As such, your application might be overlooked.

When applying to LTOs through ApplytoEducation click on “Occasional Employees” and “View Openings.”

Education Act

The hiring process was changed on October 29, 2020 with the revocation of regulation 274. As of January 2021 we are still awaiting the new regulation from the ministry. 


Your start date as an Occasional Teacher with the WRDSB determines your seniority.

If two or more teachers have the same seniority, ranking among them shall be based on the number of full days of teaching in schools of the board. This includes daily and LTO work.

If two or more teachers have the same ranking under paragraph 2, ranking among them shall be based on the number of years of experience teaching.

If two or more teachers have the same ranking under paragraph 3, ranking among them shall be determined by drawing lots, witnessed by the president of the teachers’ bargaining unit or a person designated in writing by the president.

LTOs and Permanent Positions

To comply with the Interim Policy for School Board Hiring Practices, the WRDSB has implemented Interim Teacher Hiring Practices as of Dec 4, 2020.

  • All qualified applicants will be considered for a specific posting.

  • Postings can now include preferred qualifications and experience

  • Administrators must offer an interview:

    •  To the top qualified senior applicant from an established LTO list.
    • To the daily occasional teacher who may currently be in the assignment provided they have the necessary qualifications.
    • To any other applicant with the appropriate skills and qualifications.
    • To a minimum of three candidates as is general best practice
  • All postings to the occasional list (LTO or permanent) will be for three days in duration

  • In the elementary panel, LTO teaching positions of six or more weeks in length, provided the Board has advance notice of not less than three weeks of the start date, will be posted on Apply to Education.  

Rights of Unsuccessful Candidates

If following an interview a teacher is not placed on the long-term occasional teachers’ list or appointed or assigned to a long-term assignment or permanent position the teacher may request feedback on

  • his or her performance during the interview;
  • measures he or she could take to enhance his or her professional qualifications; and
  • other ways to improve his or her chance of being successful in a similar interview in the future.


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