Staff who participate in BMS training will possess a greater level of expertise in the management of both every day and critical incident behaviour. The primary emphasis is prevention and non-physical interventions. Knowing the child, acting on “early warning signs”, and the effective use of calming and de-escalation techniques are some key strategies. The secondary emphasis is defensive techniques (avoidance, releases, blocks) coupled with calming and de-escalation techniques. The tertiary emphasis is safe restraint methods (an absolute last resort rarely required by most staff) coupled with calming and de-escalation techniques.

This training is being provided by the WRDSB.  Release time is provided (you will be paid!)

Where: Bingeman’s Ballroom A, B, and C

When: Friday June 2, 2017

Time: 9:00am to 3:30pm

Registration: Please register through PD Place on the WRDSB website (


Please note that there are 3 separate sessions offered in PD Place on the same day, with registration limited in each session due to space limitations.  If one session is full, please register for the next available session.


Lunch will be provided.  Water will be available throughout the day.

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