Summer Academy


Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers Local will be hosting From Classroom Management to Classroom Community, led by Michael Beetham.

Imagine a classroom where behavioural issues are reduced, all students experience success and the teacher is able to spend more time teaching and connecting with students. You are invited to join us on this engaging, three-day comprehensive course as we expand our current expertise in managing high risk students, classroom routines and procedures that prevent classroom management problems and bullying while fostering a productive classroom.

When? July 5, 6 and 7, 2017

Time? 8:30am – 3:00pm Daily

Where? WROTL Office (130 Highland Road East, Kitchener)

Registration: Click here to see all available summer academy courses!

Registration is now open for ETFO’S Summer Academy 2017.  70 three-day courses, located throughout the province, will focus on the arts,assessment, classroom management, French, literacy, kindergarten, special education and a variety of other learning areas to meet your professional learning needs.  In addition to our regular Summer Academy courses, we have additional math and technology courses available due to enhanced funding from the Ontario Ministry of Education. Each course includes practical, classroom-ready strategies and time to collaborate and network with colleagues from across Ontario. These practical and dynamic courses always fill up very quickly. Don’t be disappointed, register today.

Visit the ETFO 2017 Summer Academy website at to register today.


Tentative Dates:


June 14                 External Contract & LTO Posting Opens

June 20                 External Contract Posting Closes (4:30pm)

June 26-28            Central Placement of Contracts/LTOs

Mid August             Remaining LTOs Posted


Please read the following carefully:


The June 14th posting will consist of all contract positions as well as LTOs of significance (Full year/full time LTO’s as well as LTO’s of 0.6 FTE or greater that are both full and partial school year) and will be posted only to those who are currently on the LTO List.
Principals will interview for Specialty Contract & Specialty LTO positions (French Immersion & Congregated Spec Ed). The Contracts and Full Year/Full Time LTOs that are not specialty positions will be centrally placed by Human Resources, based on Seniority of applicants from the LTO list in accordance with Regulation 274.
Similar to last year, OTs will be able to provide preference to the board. A short survey will be emailed to your waterworks email account (from Brian Driver).  Please have this survey filled out by the closing date of the LTO postings (June 20th).
Please note that there is a possibility of an OT on the LTO list being successful to an LTO specialty position and, being eligible for a contract they have also applied to. The Board will not stand in the way of someone being successful to a contract position, and therefore if an Occasional Teacher from the LTO list accepts a full year LTO Specialty position and also applies to Contract postings, and based on seniority is successful to a contract position they will allow the Occasional Teacher to abandon the LTO position for the contract. Should this happen, they will re-post the specialty LTO position in a subsequent posting in August .
In the event the first posting does not deplete the LTO list the second postings will be open to both LTO List and OT Roster Occasional Teachers with the understanding that the Occasional Teachers on the LTO List will receive preference to the position in accordance with Regulation 274. With the exception of the Specialty Positions it is the expectation that qualified
applicants will accept a position for which they have applied to. Once an Occasional Teacher has accepted a Long Term Assignment they may not abandon one Long Term Occasional assignment for another, even if it results in an increase in FTE.

For more information on the hiring process, visit the local’s website


The board announced on May 15, 2017 that WRDSB is making the move from WaterWorks (FirstClass) to Gmail. The move to Gmail – they’re calling it G Day – will happen on Monday, August 21, 2017, before the start of the new school year. This is the official date when Gmail will become the official email system for the Waterloo Region District School Board.

This move will include email, calendar and a number of other features. Moving email and calendar from WaterWorks to Gmail means we will gain the benefits of Google’s reliable, innovative apps and the ability to access email and calendars easily from any device.

WaterWorks will continue to be the primary communication tool until G Day, but starting June 1, 2017 they are enabling dual-delivery of email to both systems to allow staff to explore and start using Gmail. All email sent to WaterWorks will automatically be forwarded to your Gmail.

This first phase gives you the chance to explore and test Gmail, Google Calendar and contacts before we start using Gmail as our primary email system on G Day – August 21, 2017.

Important notes

•    On G Day, your new email address ( will come into effect. Schools should take this into consideration when preparing communications for the 2017-18 school year and ordering materials (e.g. attendance magnets).

•    For staff who are already using Gmail as their primary email service, please turn-off the email forwarding settings in WaterWorks. If these are not turned off, you will receive duplicate emails.

We will share information on the migration of WaterWorks email and our plan for replacing conferences in future updates.

As we build up to G-Day we will provide a range of supports to help you get comfortable with Gmail, Google Calendar and other tools. Over the past number of weeks approximately 175 staff have participated in a pilot project to build and test training and support material for the transition.

These supports will include:

•    Individual support
◦    When you log in to any Google application using your PAL, look for the question mark G Suite training icon to find help topics and tips right inside the app. Read how to activate the Google Training Extension. Example: If you are in Gmail, simply click the question mark icon and choose from a list of videos to help you with using the features of Gmail.
◦    Self-guided resources are available on the staff intranet.

•    School/Department support
◦    Staff members from each school are being trained by ITS staff throughout June to provide additional support at each location.
◦    In-school technicians will be available for all secondary schools. If needed, please ask your principal to contact your school’s designated technician.

•    Centralized support
◦    Staff can register for classroom training through PD Place.
◦    Principals can also request the support of our Digital Learning Support Teachers who can visit schools to provide hands-on advice and coaching.

•    Technical support
◦    The board is committed to making this a smooth transition and recognizes that you may have issues that you can’t resolve using the online tools. Please continue to submit requests for help through the ITS Help Desk by submitting a ticket using our online system.

The board is providing everyone with more information on the switch to Gmail, including FAQstraining resources and the opportunity to provide feedback, located on the staff intranet.  They recommend that you take a look at the articles on:

•    how to log in to the Chrome browser to personalize your experience with Gmail
•    tips on using G Suite in 7 easy steps

Please visit to stay up-to-date.

Local Election Results


As a result of the elections held at our Annual General Meeting on May 25, 2017, the slate of officers for the Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local for the school year 2017-2018 will be:


President: Nathan Core

First Vice President: Marsha Cober

Second Vice President: Aimee Chard

Treasurer: Mary Karchemny

Communications’ Officer: Josh Heisler

Executive Members-at-Large (4): Breanne Bellingham, Tiffany Cooper, Amy Filsinger, Megan Murray

Joint Health and Safety Representative: Marsha Cober

Delegates (6) to the ETFO Annual Meeting – August 14-17, 2017

Ramzi Abdi, Breanne Bellingham, Marsha Cober, Aimee Chard, Mary Karchemny, Carol Moller


Amy Filsinger, Megan Murray

*Local President, Nathan Core, will be attending the ETFO Annual Meeting as a delegate of the Provincial Executive

Congratulations to the successful candidates!  We wish to express our appreciation to those members who were willing to stand as candidates in this process. Thank you to Angelo Volpini and Ramzi Abdi for your service.


All members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting 2017!


Thursday May 25, 2017

Schwaben Club

1668 King Street East, Kitchener

Parking is available via the Weber Street entrance


Business 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Executive, Committee and

Financial Reports

Election of 2017/2018 Executive

Amendments to the Constitution

Election of Delegates to the ETFO FAM

Presentation of Draft Budget



Dinner served at 7:00pm


Delicious pork schnitzel, turkey with

stuffing and cranberry sauce,

mashed potatoes and

PEI mixed vegetable

Complimented with sauerkraut,

caesar salad and dinner rolls

Lemon Torte, coffee and tea

Special dietary accommodations available



All members are welcome to attend the business portion of the meeting without registration, even if unable to stay for dinner (registration required for dinner).


All Committees are open for the 2017/2018 school year.  Sign up forms will be available at the AGM.

To register please click here.