Grand River Collegiate Institute (175 Indian Road, Kitchener)

The Carousel of Workshops 2017 is coming!  Mark your calendars for this great day of workshops!

P. D. Day Attendance
All full-time LTO’s are required to attend and are to register for the session to which their school has been assigned, either morning or afternoon. You are required by your employer, the Board, to attend what is planned for the day. The remainder of the day will be for self-directed activities at your worksite.

If you are ill, have a bereavement, or are using a Family Care Day, you must use EasyConnect and report your absence – indicating that a substitute teacher is not required.

Due to limited capacity, schools have been assigned to a specific session and registration will take place on caroMore details about registration will be coming shortly.

Part-time LTO’s (combined 0.5 FTE or above) should register for the session which their school has been assigned and spend the remainder of your FTE at your worksite.

For example, if you are FTE 0.6, you would attend the session at the Carousel of Workshops, to which your school has been assigned and also owe .1 to the Board by working at the school for that .1 time period).

Part-time LTO’s (less than 0.5 FTE) have the option of:

  • working on curriculum related activities at their worksite  OR
  • attending the Carousel of Workshops during their school’s assigned time
  • Please note that part time LTO’s will be required to register regardless of their choice

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