Interview Offer Process – Telephone or E-mail

Future LTO and Contract postings will include a notice that members may be contacted by e-mail or telephone when being offered an interview opportunity. There must be a hiringreasonable amount of time permitted in order for the member to reply to the e-mail or phone message in order to accept or decline the interview opportunity.

Below is a reminder of the current interview language from our collective agreement:

Occasional Teacher interviews may occur during the school day, on weekends and holidays only with the mutual consent of the Occasional Teacher and Principal.  Otherwise, all interviews will occur outside of the school day.  When an interview time is offered outside of the school day, the Occasional Teacher is expected to attend the interview or will be deemed to have been offered an interview and declined.  The Board agrees to consider exceptional Human Rights related and unforeseen emergency circumstances where an Occasional Teacher cannot attend the interview. 

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