united-wayAs part of the WRDSB, you play a dynamic role in the lives of students and families every year. United Way is also working to ensure those students and families are supported and strengthened through a variety of funded initiatives and programs, some taking place right in the school system. Your investment in United Way through the WRDSB campaign directly impacts those students and families you see year to year.

The dollars you raise through your United Way campaign stay here, in our community, and are invested back into programming for children, youth and their families, like mentoring, individual and family counselling, in-school behavioural management, mental health supports, after school programs, and emergency shelter & food hampers.

  • What we know: 17% of students in Waterloo Region never graduate high school
  • How we help: children and youth as part of a 1:1 mentoring program we invest in, vastly impacts education and their mentees’ graduate at a rate that is 20% higher than the national average
  • investing in resources that you may need: 211 (the 411 of social services) call 24/7 and available in over 150 languages,resource to share with parents, students and fellow educators.

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