Spring/Summer Staffing for 2016/2017

contracts-and-ltos-2(All dates are tentative)


June 13th    External Contracts & LTO Postings Open

June 17th    External Contract Posting Closes (4:30pm)

June 20-22 Central Placement Contracts/LTOs

Mid August   Remaining LTOs Posted with interviews


  • The June 13th posting will consist of all contract positions as well as LTOs of significance (exact size to be determined).
  • As requested by the local, the board will provide an updated LTO list that has been cross-referenced by seniority and experience. This will be distributed through our locals’s communications network prior to the posting period.
  • The first posting will consist of all Contract and LTOs of significance, and will be posted to the OTs who are currently on the LTO list.
  • Principals will interview for Specialty Contract & Specialty LTO positions (French Immersion & Congregated Spec Ed). The Contracts and Full Year/Full Time LTOs that are not specialty positions will be centrally placed by Human Resources, based on Seniority of applicants from the LTO list in accordance with Regulation 274
  • Through discussions between the local and HR, OTs will be able to provide preference to the board (more information on this process to come.)
  • Please note that there is a possibility of an OT on the LTO list being successful to an LTO specialty position and, being eligible for a contract they have also applied to. The Board will not stand in the way of someone being successful to a contract position, and therefore if an Occasional Teacher from the LTO list accepts a full year LTO Specialty position and also applies to Contract postings, and based on seniority is successful to a contract position they will allow the Occasional Teacher to abandon the LTO position for the contract. Should this happen, they will re-post the specialty LTO position in a subsequent posting in August .
  • The above process may exhaust the current LTO list. As a result, the remaining contracts and LTOs will be posted to the OT Roster.
  • In the event the first posting does not deplete the LTO list the second postings will be open to both LTO list and OT Roster Occasional Teachers with the understanding that the Occasional Teachers on the LTO list will receive preference to the position in accordance with Regulation 274.
  • Similar to last year it is the expectation that qualified applicants will accept a position for which they have applied to. Once an Occasional Teacher has accepted a Long Term Assignment they may not abandon one Long Term Occasional assignment for another, even if it results in an increase in FTE.

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