First Five Meets Last Five

Monday, May 2 – 4:45 to 6:30 pm

first-5-last-5ETFO Office – 610 Wabanaki Drive, Kitchener

Come and hear some of our most experienced members share their stories and words of wisdom to better inform your practice. Ask questions and gain insight into this wonderful profession!

This event is in partnership with WRTL


  1. Motivating Students in Core French
  2. Outdoor Learning and Environmental Inquiry in the Early Years
  3. Ergonomic and Growth Mindset Classroom Set-Up
  4. Google Apps for Education
  5. Equity and Inclusive Classrooms
  6. Youth Exchange Canada/Intramurals and Extra-curricular Activities
  7. Class Meetings

Bring your devices (tablet, iPad, SmartPhone, laptop, anything!)

Refreshments, door prizes, and take home resources!

Please email Amanda Drewett (through waterworks) to register.

LTOs and OTs welcome!

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