Connecting…Occasionally – April 29, 2016

President’s Message

nathan-core---crop-with-backgroundHello Members,

Spring is always a exciting time in the classroom as well for our local. Daily occasional work is on the rise and those members in LTOs start think about end of year reports. I hope that you carefully read through this issue of “Connecting Occasionally,” we have many year end events to look forward to, including our Annual Meeting that will be held May 19th. This issue will also highlight some of the ETFO Provincial initiatives as well as school board activities.

Carousel of Workshops

IMG_2787I am very proud of the local for recently hosting our amazing PD Event “The Carousel of Workshops.” This event took place on Friday, April 22nd. As you can imagine it is quite a feat to host an event with over 450 participants.

Thank you to the local executive, committee members and presenters who made this a success. We appreciate member’s feedback and evaluations, will continue to refine our ETFO PD day for 2017.

Bill 115

ETFO is placing a full-page ad in a number of provincial daily newspapers tomorrow (Saturday, April 30).  The ad celebrates last week’s momentous Court decision on our Bill 115 Charter challenge. We want to acknowledge the support we received from our sister unions, our members, parents and other members of the public in our fight to protect our democratic rights to free collective bargaining.

For more information about our fight against Bill 115 and how it removed our right to a fair bargaining process please click here.

Benefits for Occasional Teachers

In the last round of bargaining, ETFO was able to consolidate the board benefits across the province into one plan. This process, as well as additional funding, has allowed Waterloo Occasional Teachers to be included in a fully funded benefit plan. I am pleased to announce that Waterloo will be part of the first “Wave” and that will see this implemented in the fall of the next school year. More information will be coming out over the coming months.

In order to stay current with the changes I encourage all members to signup with ETFO Provincial’s Newsletter system. Links are provided to Issues 1 and 2 for those members that may have missed them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the local office is you have any questions or concerns regarding anything in the newsletter.

Written by Communications Officer

ETFO WROTL Communications Officer 2011/2012

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