Connecting…Occasionally – March 23, 2016

March 23, 2016

Hello Members,

Welcome to the homestretch. With March Break behind us and a short week, due to the Easter Holidays, we are on a fast track through the final months of the school year.

Locally, we are nearing the time when we start to prepare for our Local Annual Meeting.  At the May Annual Meeting we will elect a new executive, replenish our committees, select delegates to the Provincial Annual Meeting, and vote on changes to our constitution. This process is the heart of our democratic structure, I encourage all members to consider opportunities in this local and at the very least attend the meeting. You deserve to have a say in how your fees are spent, the leadership of the local, programs that are run, and the direction of this Federation.

Watch for upcoming timelines and further information.

LTO List

lto-listI am disappointed with the 50% success rate. It’s very frustrating when we have good teachers who are actively working in LTOs, have had positive evaluations, then being told that they “aren’t good enough.” It doesn’t make any sense.

The local is working with ETFO provincial to explore our legal options. We will need to wait until the process is complete as some consideration needs to be given to the feedback that is received.

We are also aware the Board released sensitive information while distributing the successful/unsuccessful mass e-mail. This was retracted by the board, but not until after the damage had been done. The local will be seeking remedies for this breach of privacy.

Fight for $15

FightFor15-logo-Circle-e1454972798114 (1)The “$15 and Fairness” campaign is sweeping across Ontario. As educators, and members of a precarious workforce we are well aware of the need for decent hours, paid sick days, respect at work, and rules that protect everyone. The cornerstone of this campaign is a minimum wage above poverty levels. Take some time to check out and see how you can get involved.  Let’s make a difference!


Nathan Core
ETFO WROTL President

Written by Communications Officer

ETFO WROTL Communications Officer 2011/2012

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