Workshop: Introduction to Design Thinking for Your Classroom – Kitchener, Jan. 26, 2016

future-design-schoolFuture Design School (FDS) enables youth through entrepreneurship experience, design education and real-world experiments. They want to inspire kids to see things differently. Enable them to see opportunity where there are challenges. Foster their creativity, encourage them to pursue their curiosity and empower youth everywhere to reshape the world around them.

They are giving a workshop next week in Kitchener on using design thinking and a problem solving approach to engage students. This was referred to me by a teacher friend:

“I attended this workshop in Toronto in November and I implemented the strategies the following week in my classroom. They also introduce possible employment opportunities for summer and after school programs. I highly recommend checking it out.”
Join Future Design School at Communitech for an Introduction to Design Thinking for Your Classroom workshop. Learn about how to implement this problem solving approach in your classroom, and walk away with some great challenge ideas that you can use to engage your students.
Jan 26, 2016
City: Kitchener/Waterloo
Place: Communitech Hub
Price $25 (Appetizers and drinks will be served. The $25 fee includes all materials and food.)

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