ETFO – Edvantage Renewal Sticker

ETFO renewal stickers have been sent!  You will find your renewal sticker along with a link to this years’ member survey in the Winter Edition of Voice Magazine.


ETFO have received a number of messages from people who have misplaced the ETFO renewal sticker that was included in the winter issue. If you need a replacement, please contact


You can also contact if you need a ETFO card.


One of ETFO’s Priorities is to promote the care and protection of the environment. With this in mind, we are moving to a paperless, electronic survey in early 2016!


Why complete the Survey?

  • To provide automatic updates to Member Services
  • To provide the organization with data (number of members, gender, age, etc.)
  • To help develop programs and services to meet your needs
  • To stop 2.6 tons of paper from ending up in landfill

The survey will be completed using the MyETFO Portal in our Events Management System (EMS). You must have an account on EMS to complete the survey. The survey will be available to complete online in early 2016.  If you have an account on the EMS system you will be notified when the survey is available.

Be ready and create your account now at  For help in creating your account their are detailed instructions located here


All members completing their survey, will be entered to win one of 10 iPad Minis!

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