Assessment Workshop: Mon., Nov. 30 @ 4:45 PM

How to observe, assess, and report  without losing your mind!


The New Members Committee (WRTL) invites all those in an LTO to attend this wonderful workshop opportunity!

  • Monday, November 30 – 4:45 to 6:30 pm
  • ETFO Office – 610 Wabanaki Drive, Kitchener


Report Cards with Mike Sendrea


Building Reusable Comments in TWEA

Google Apps for Assessment

From Observations to Report Cards

Bring your devices (tablet, iPad, SmartPhone, laptop, anything!)

Refreshments, Door Prizes, and Take Home Resources!


Please email Amanda Drewett (through waterworks) by Monday, November 23 to register.


See Suffragette Today at 4:00 pm @ the Princess Theatre

The Status of Women committee warmly invite you to join them in attending a screening of the film Suffragette. This riveting film chronicles women’s struggle to earn the right to vote, an important and often understudied piece of women’s history.

Movie Nation called this film “the best film of 2015,” and with such heavy-hitting actors as Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham-Carter, it promises to be a powerful and moving story. To find out more about the film and to see its trailer, please check out its page on the Princess Cinema website:

Members pay their admission, but are invited to stay after the film for a complimentary beverage in the Princess Cafe, where the Status of Women committee members will be leading an informal discussion of the film.

  • When? Wednesday November 25, at 4:30pm
  • Meet in the Princess Theatre Cafe between 4 -4:30pm; look for the WROTL sign!
  • Where? Princess Twin Cinema (48 King St. N, Kitchener).

Workshop: Student Mental Health – Thurs., Dec. 3, 2015


As the number of students with special needs in the regular classroom increases, it is essential that teachers are supported in working with these students and their unique needs. This after school workshop will focus on developing student mental health awareness and strategies to support student mental health.

The PL Committee is pleased to welcome George Mantik as he takes us through strategies to deal with mental health issues, both as a classroom teacher and a daily occasional teacher.

Free resources are provided to each attendee.  Register early as space is limited!

A light meal will be provided.  Dependent Care subsidy available upon request.

Extra parking is available diagonally across the street at the “Big Bear” plaza.

Please note that if you are placed on a waiting list you will be contacted by email if a space becomes available.

Collective Bargaining Information Night – Nov. 11

Collective Bargaining Information Night

Questions about the Provincial Tentative Agreement?

Come and join us for an in-person overview of the highlights.  An opportunity to ask questions will also be provided. We will have copies of the Tentative Agreement on hand, as well as our very own local preliminary submission that was presented to the board,

  • When: Wednesday November 11, 2015 (Today!)
  • Time: 4:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Where: 130 Highland Road East, Kitchener
  • Registration: Click here.

(Registration helps us better prepare for the evening, but feel free to “drop in”)

A light snack will be provided.  Dependent care subsidy available upon request.

Please note that there is extra parking diagonally across the street at the “Big Bear” Convenience Plaza.



  • Began: Sunday, November 9 – noon
  • Ends:  Thursday, November 12 – midnight
  • The vote is now open.  The voting website is at:

Need help to vote?  Call the Help Desk at 1-877-869-8233.


Update on the Tentative Agreement

Where can I find information about the teacher/OT Tentative Agreement?
A four-page document called ETFO Tentative Agreement Highlights was provided to Local Presidents and Chief Negotiators earlier today. Your local will share the Highlights document with you. Please watch for that document and review it carefully. If you didn’t receive it, please ensure that you have shared your personal email with the local. If you have not done so, please send it to
Tentative Agreement Nov 4 2015
What’s been happening since the teacher/occasional teacher (OT) Tentative Agreement was reached on November 2?
According to ETFO’s Terms of Reference for Central Bargaining, a central tentative agreement must be approved by ETFO’s Provincial Executive, and then presented to local presidents and chief negotiators for information before it is shared with the membership.
ETFO’s Provincial Executive met on November 3 and endorsed the teacher/OT Tentative Agreement.  Earlier today, Local Presidents and Chief Negotiators met in Toronto and were presented with that Tentative Agreement.
Where can I find information about the teacher/OT Tentative Agreement?
A four-page document called ETFO Tentative Agreement Highlights was provided to Local Presidents and Chief Negotiators earlier today. Your local will share the Highlights document with you. Please watch for that document and review it carefully.
Will there be a ratification vote regarding the teacher/OT Tentative Agreement?
Yes. The voting period takes place from Sunday, November 8 (starting at noon) until Thursday, November 12 (ending at midnight).  ETFO teacher and OT members may participate in this ratification vote, which will be held online.
Telephone town hall meetings with President Hammond to discuss the Tentative Agreement will take place from Monday, November 9 until Wednesday, November 11.  All ETFO members – including DECE, ESP and PSP members – will be invited to participate in the telephone town hall meetings.
More details about the ratification vote and telephone town hall meetings will be forwarded to you tomorrow evening. In the interim, ETFO would like to provide you with answers to some questions you may have about the suspension of strike action, Progress Report Cards and parent interviews.
Why did ETFO suspend teacher/OT strike action before the ratification vote?
When a union negotiates a tentative agreement, suspending strike action prior to a ratification vote is a common practice in both the public and private sectors. There is a corresponding obligation for employers to suspend any action they are taking against employees – so workers cannot be locked out, pay cannot be docked, etc.
It should be noted that the last time ETFO was in a similar situation (during the 2004 round of collective bargaining), strike action was suspended as soon as a provincial agreement was reached.
On November 2, ETFO suspended strike action until the results of a teacher/OT member ratification vote regarding the Tentative Agreement become known. Some work that was struck was resumed immediately.  Other work may impact on workload and, therefore, requires some discussion before it can be resumed.
If the Tentative Agreement is ratified, information will be shared with members about the resumption of struck work.  If the Tentative Agreement is not ratified, ETFO’s work-to-rule strike action will continue.
Your Local President and ETFO Strike Coordinator will be making contact with school board representatives very soon to discuss reasonable timelines for the resumption of all struck work. Your local will follow up with you about the outcome of these discussions.
Progress Report Cards were considered struck work. Why are ETFO members now being asked to complete them?
There is a Memorandum that is part of the Tentative Agreement reached by ETFO, OPSBA and the government. That Memorandum outlines an agreement to complete Progress Report Cards.  The Memorandum, along with the rest of the Tentative Agreement, will be voted on by ETFO teacher/OT members over five days between November 8 and November 12. If the Tentative Agreement is ratified, ETFO teachers/OTs will be asked to complete Progress Report Cards in accordance with the Ministry document, Growing Success. The deadline for Progress Report Cards going home would then be determined by school boards in consultation with ETFO locals.
While there is a window of time for Progress Report Cards to be completed (November 7 – December 11), this cannot happen until after ETFO’s ratification vote and after at the two weeks’ notice requirement has been met. The earliest this deadline could be is November 30. Boards should not be requesting draft reports before this time.
My principal is setting up an interview schedule for Progress Report Cards. What do I do?
Interviews regarding progress reports remain at the discretion of the teacher/OT and should only be initiated if the teacher/OT has a concern about a child’s progress. If a parent makes contact to request an interview, you are encouraged to communicate with parents as you normally would, i.e., via email or through telephone communication rather than formal interviews.
More information will be forthcoming from ETFO about these issues. We appreciate your patience as we prepare for the teacher/OT ratification vote.