Federal Election – Monday, October 19, 2015

The federal election is right around the corner and it’s important that all members cast their vote on October 19th. Make sure that you are ready to vote and you can check your registration here http://www.elections.ca/home.aspx.


At our ETFO Annual Meeting, the delegates passed a motion that ETFO endorse the NDP in the election. In spirit of this motion, I have attached the names and ridings of the NDP candidates and encourage you to learn more about them, possibly working on their campaign.


Why is ETFO Getting Involved?


The federal government has jurisdiction over issues of direct concern to ETFO members, their students, and ETFO as a provincial public sector union. Federal tax and fiscal policies determine Canada’s capacity to transfer funds to the provinces and territories to support social programs. These policies are integral to Canada’s ability to address the growing income gap among Canadians and the declining middle class.


Federal policies determine the extent to which Canada can address issues like poverty, unemployment, gender
equality, the status of our Indigenous peoples, support for immigrants and refugees, and democratic rights.

The federal government also plays a role in the bargaining process for public and private sector employees under
federal jurisdiction, a role that has an impact on contract negotiations across the country. Recently, Parliament passed a Conservative private member’s bill that singles out unions for reporting on their expenditures even though unions are accountable to their members not the public.


What Should ETFO Members Do?


  • Ensure you’re on the Voters List – check http://www.elections.ca
  • Check with your local about volunteering to work on a candidate’s campaign.
  • Donate to a candidate of your choice.
  • Take a candidate’s sign.
  • Check the issue backgrounders and fact sheets on ETFO
  • website: http://www.etfo.ca
  • Attend all-candidate meetings and ask questions.
  • Vote in advance poll – October 9, 10, 11 and 12.)
  • If you miss the advance polls, vote on Election Day – October 19.
Waterloo Diane Freeman
Kitchener Center Susan Cadell
Kitchener-Conestoga James Villeneuve
Kitchener South – Hespeler Bruce Lorne
Cambridge Bobbi Stewart




“Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation.” – Simon Sinek

Written by Communications Officer

ETFO WROTL Communications Officer 2011/2012

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