Offence Declaration

Below is the same information provided by the board in “system memos”

Regulation 521 under the Education Act requires all school board employees complete an offence declaration on an annual basis.

All staff must complete the offence declaration electronically NO LATER THAN Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

The only exceptions are NEW employees to WRDSB who submitted a formal Police Reference Check during the past summer (July or August of 2015).  These individuals do not need to complete an offence declaration this year.

The electronic offence declaration is located via the Internet in the WRDSB Self Service Portal.
Instructions to access and complete the Declaration electronically are outlined below.

Please be aware that the Self Service Portal is only compatible with Internet Explorer 11 (I.E. 11) or Safari. Other browsers such as Chrome or FireFox etc. are not compatible. By extension, you will need to use I.E. 11 or Safari (only) to complete the Annual Offence Declaration.

These browsers may or may not work on your home computer. If not, you will need to complete the Offence Declaration on a Board computer.

If you have technical issues completing the Offence Declaration on a Board computer, please log a ticket via:

Staff access to the Self Service Portal is by entering the following URL into your browser and using your PAL password to open the portal.

To complete the Electronic Offence Declaration:
•    Open Internet Explorer OR if you have Windows XP then you must use Google Chrome as your browser
•    Connect to the WRDSB Self Service Portal at 
•    Enter your PAL Username and Password
•    Click on the “Self Service Portal” button
•    If you get the security warning again, please click on “Continue to this website”
•    Enter your PAL Username and Password again
•    Select “Employee Services”
•    If you have not already completed the annual Declaration, you will see a message in RED indicating that you have not completed it.  Follow the instructions outlined in RED to make your Declaration.

If you do not see the message in RED you can double-check the status of your Offence Declaration as follows:
·    On the left hand side of the screen, click once on the word EMPLOYEE.  A drop down menu will appear
·    Click once on the word OFFENCE
·    Click once on the word DECLARATION
·    If a statement appears advising you that a declaration has been made then there is no need to proceed further.

The appropriate Human Resources Manager will review all Offence Declarations listing a criminal conviction.  The Superintendent of Human Resource Services (or designate), will review situations requiring action by the Board.  Possible consequences for either a criminal conviction or for failing to list a criminal conviction may include transfer to a different type of job, discipline, or dismissal.

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