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Three one-hour telephone town hall meetings with President Sam Hammond about central bargaining and ETFO’s job action have been arranged for:
Tuesday, September 29 from 6:15 pm to 9:15 pm


Waterloo ETFO members will be receiving their call at 7:15-8:15


The telephone town hall meetings are open to ETFO members only.


ETFO members will receive an invitation by telephone to participate in their designated town hall meeting a few minutes before the meeting begins.  If the call isn’t immediately picked up, a voicemail message is left instructing the member how to access her/his scheduled town hall meeting.


You can update your information with ETFO provincial through this link:

Information that can be given to Parents

The following link is to a flyer provided by ETFO provincial for ETFO members to download and distribute to parents when leafleting or at events.

The letter should NOT be handed out to students.

The letter should NOT be copied or distributed using WRDSB time or resources.

The letter should ONLY be given DIRECTLY to a parent or parents.

Members are not obligated to distribute the letter, however as it has been provided we are sharing it here. Some members have contacted us asking about material that could be provided for parents that request it or have questions.

To download the letter click: ETFO Letter To Parents

If there are questions about the letter or around distributing it, please contact us at the office.

Federal Election

Federal Election

The federal election is right around the corner and it’s important that all members cast their vote on October 19th. Make sure that you are ready to vote and you can check your registration here

At our ETFO Annual Meeting, the delegates passed a motion that ETFO endorse the NDP in the election. In spirit of this motion, I have attached the names and ridings of the NDP candidates and encourage you to learn more about them, possibly working on their campaign.

What Should ETFO Members Do?

  • Ensure you’re on the Voters List – check
  • Check with your local about volunteering to work on a candidate’s campaign.
  • Donate to a candidate of your choice.
  • Take a candidate’s sign.
  • Check the issue backgrounders and fact sheets on ETFO
  • website:
  • Attend all-candidate meetings and ask questions.
  • Vote in advance poll – October 9, 10, 11 and 12.)
  • If you miss the advance polls, vote on Election Day – October 19.
Waterloo Diane Freeman
Kitchener Center Susan Cadell
Kitchener-Conestoga James Villeneuve
Kitchener South – Hespeler Bruce Lorne
Cambridge Bobbi Stewart

Wynne Wednesdays

Wynne Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, all ETFO members are encouraged to wear black to symbolize mourning the loss of our collective agreement. There are free T-shirts available to pick up at the WROTL office from Tuesday-Thursday from 9:00am-5:00pm. Wearing these free T-shirts is an easy way to show solidarity and put a face on the importance of fair collective bargaining.

ETFO Solidarity Website

Week 20 – Strong, United, Determined

On Monday, September 21, 2015 ETFO teachers and occasional teachers started Phase 3 of our strike action. We had been without a collective agreement for 366 days. We have been on strike since May 20.

It was a challenging week – escalated strike action, the first Wynne Wednesday, and some school, boards started pushing back in inappropriate ways.

To see how ETFO members around the province are standing strong together, visit


Offence Declaration

Below is the same information provided by the board in “system memos”

Regulation 521 under the Education Act requires all school board employees complete an offence declaration on an annual basis.

All staff must complete the offence declaration electronically NO LATER THAN Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

The only exceptions are NEW employees to WRDSB who submitted a formal Police Reference Check during the past summer (July or August of 2015).  These individuals do not need to complete an offence declaration this year.

The electronic offence declaration is located via the Internet in the WRDSB Self Service Portal.
Instructions to access and complete the Declaration electronically are outlined below.

Please be aware that the Self Service Portal is only compatible with Internet Explorer 11 (I.E. 11) or Safari. Other browsers such as Chrome or FireFox etc. are not compatible. By extension, you will need to use I.E. 11 or Safari (only) to complete the Annual Offence Declaration.

These browsers may or may not work on your home computer. If not, you will need to complete the Offence Declaration on a Board computer.

If you have technical issues completing the Offence Declaration on a Board computer, please log a ticket via:

Staff access to the Self Service Portal is by entering the following URL into your browser and using your PAL password to open the portal.

To complete the Electronic Offence Declaration:
•    Open Internet Explorer OR if you have Windows XP then you must use Google Chrome as your browser
•    Connect to the WRDSB Self Service Portal at 
•    Enter your PAL Username and Password
•    Click on the “Self Service Portal” button
•    If you get the security warning again, please click on “Continue to this website”
•    Enter your PAL Username and Password again
•    Select “Employee Services”
•    If you have not already completed the annual Declaration, you will see a message in RED indicating that you have not completed it.  Follow the instructions outlined in RED to make your Declaration.

If you do not see the message in RED you can double-check the status of your Offence Declaration as follows:
·    On the left hand side of the screen, click once on the word EMPLOYEE.  A drop down menu will appear
·    Click once on the word OFFENCE
·    Click once on the word DECLARATION
·    If a statement appears advising you that a declaration has been made then there is no need to proceed further.

The appropriate Human Resources Manager will review all Offence Declarations listing a criminal conviction.  The Superintendent of Human Resource Services (or designate), will review situations requiring action by the Board.  Possible consequences for either a criminal conviction or for failing to list a criminal conviction may include transfer to a different type of job, discipline, or dismissal.

Hiring Information

The Hiring Process with the WRDSB   untitled


Applying for Postions

It is very important that you apply to LTOs through the internal process. If you do not apply through the internal process, you may be waiving your rights as an employee of the WRDSB. As such, your application might be overlooked. For clarification, when applying to LTOs through ApplytoEdcucation click on “Occasional Employees” and “View Openings”

The rule of thumb is, if you are qualified for it, and can see it… apply to it!

Education Act

The hiring process was imposed by the government and is available online for review.


Your start date as an Occasional Teacher with the WRDSB determines your seniority.

If two or more teachers have the same seniority, ranking among them shall be based on the number of full days of teaching in schools of the board. This includes daily and LTO work.

If two or more teachers have the same ranking under paragraph 2, ranking among them shall be based on the number of years of experience teaching.

If two or more teachers have the same ranking under paragraph 3, ranking among them shall be determined by drawing lots, witnessed by the president of the teachers’ bargaining unit or a person designated in writing by the president.

LTOs and Permanent Positions

The board shall interview the five teachers from the long-term occasional teachers list who apply and,

  •  have the required qualifications for the position;
  •  have the highest ranking
  •  have agreed to be interviewed.

If fewer than five teachers on the list satisfy the criteria the board is required under  to interview only those teachers.

If the position is not filled by a teacher interviewed, the board shall not interview or make an offer to any other person to fill it before,

  • advertising the position to teachers on the board’s long-term occasional teachers list; and
  •  interviewing a selection of the teachers from the list who apply for the position and have the required qualifications for the position, and making an offer.

If the position is not filled by a teacher interviewed, the board shall not interview or make an offer to any other person to fill it before,

  • advertising the position to teachers on the board’s roster of occasional teachers; and
  •  interviewing a selection of the teachers from the roster who apply for the position and have the required qualifications for the position, and making an offer.

Rights of Unsuccessful Candidates

If following an interview a teacher is not placed on the long-term occasional teachers list or appointed or assigned to a long-term assignment or permanent position the teacher may request feedback on

  • his or her performance during the interview;
  • measures he or she could take to enhance his or her professional qualifications; and
  • other ways to improve his or her chance of being successful in a similar interview in the future.

June Centralize Hiring

In the past, the June postings were completed in 2 rounds. During the first round the board hired centrally. Any available contracts and any full-time, full-year LTO’s were posted. Only those people on the LTO List may apply. The board then placed people into positions based on seniority. No interviews were conducted. Principals then contacted people to let them know which position they were placed into.

During the second round, any left-over jobs from the first round, plus any partial LTO’s (less than 1.0 FTE or not all year) were posted. These jobs were open to anyone on the OT Roster to apply for, however, if there was anyone left on the LTO List (not everyone wants a full-time LTO) they were given first priority. If there was no one left on the LTO List, it was at the discretion of the Principal who was interviewed.

Hiring and Staffing during the year

When LTO’s become available throughout the year, if there is anyone on the LTO List who applies, and are not in an LTO, they will be given first priority. If there are people left on the LTO List, the top 5 (by seniority) candidates will be interviewed. If there is no one left on the LTO List, it is at the discretion of the Principal who they choose to interview.

Once the LTO list is exhausted

Once everyone on the LTO List is in an LTO, and the List is essentially exhausted, any LTO’s posted will be open for anyone on the OT Roster to apply for. Principals have access to the posting as people apply for the position. It is at the Principal’s discretion who they then choose to interview.

French LTOs

Due to the lack of people working with our board with French qualifications, the board often finds that there are no French qualified people on the OT Roster not already working in an LTO. If this happens, these specialized French positions are posted externally, meaning that the jobs are posted to people with a French qualification that are not currently employed by the WRDSB.