Hiring & LTO List FAQ

Hello Occasional Teachers,

I received two letters from the board yesterday regarding the hiring process and the LTO list. I was very excited to pass them along to all of you. I hope that these paragraphs below provide some more clarity and peace of mind. I apologise to the many people who took the time to write e-mails today. I have tried to return as many as possible and I will return tomorrow to continue to work through them.

Hiring Process

I am pleased with the hiring process and it is indeed very similar to last year. I recognize that it would be beneficial to have this information out sooner; however, because of the fluid nature of the LTOs and Contracts, we often have to wait until contracts and principal’s positions are settled into place. Apply carefully and thoughtfully. I hope that you all obtain your desired position

LTO List

It has been a long battle with the board to force them to follow Regulation 274, and open up the LTO list. I made a promise to the membership that that it would happen and it finally has. We should be collectively celebrating the news and look forward to interviews in the fall. All members who meet the 10 month criteria will be eligible as per the memorandum. We will try to work with the board to ensure that those interviews are reasonable.

As a bonus, some of our fellow colleagues are able to forgo a further interview process and be placed on the LTO list as of September 1st 2015, based on their most recent LTO. We advocated that all members who have completed a LTO of 4 months or more be placed on the LTO list. Unfortunately the board has decided to set the cut off at 170 instructional days during 2014/15
Although this will leave some members disappointed, they will still have the opportunity to go through the interview process and become a part of a fair and equitable hiring process.


1. I was on Mat leave during the 2014/2015 school year or my full year LTO was cut short due to my mat leave. How am I affected?

The board’s position on this issue has not been conveyed to our local at this point. We will pose the questions and relay the responses, at the earliest opportunity

2. I have had multiple LTO assignments that add up to the required time. Am I still eligible?

No, unfortunately it is the board’s position that in order to be eligible for placement the LTO be of a singular nature.

3. I have had other assignments prior to 2014/2015, can they be used to meet the criteria?

No, unfortunately it is the board’s position that the assignment must have taken place during the 2014/2015 school year.

4. I was not evaluated this year because I had a successful evaluation last. Do I need another evaluation for the 2014-2015 school year?

No, you do not need another evaluation. Once you have received a successful LTO evaluation you do not need another one completed unless it is specifically requested by your administrator.

5. My LTO was all year, but it was only a 0.8FTE. Am I still eligible to be placed on the LTO list or do I have to go through the interview process in the fall?

The memorandum from the board does not refer to FTE, it is only concerned with the length of the LTO. You will be placed on the LTO list on September 1st 2015.

6. Does the LTO list use different seniority than the roster?

No, your seniority is your most recent start date with the WRDSB as an OT. It doesn’t change and is carried with you to the LTO list.

Written by Communications Officer

ETFO WROTL Communications Officer 2011/2012

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