2015/2016 EI Codes for OTs

service-canada-logo1Greetings Occasional Teacher, DECE/ESP and PSP Presidents’,

Below are the reference codes that can be used for REGULAR EI filing for the non-teaching periods  starting in  June 2015-March 2016.  If members do not file within the dates indicated, they are to file without the code.  There will be no codes created outside the period.

The code is only for member’s who are on temporary layoff for the non-teaching periods.  The coding is only for members who reside in Ontario.  Members who may reside in Quebec can contact the EI Contact Centre in their area who will determine whether there is a Reference Code available for them.  If not, they are to file a normal application for benefits.  It is not mandatory to use a Reference Code.

Please communicate this through your usual means of communication.  You will want to keep a copy on hand in case your membership loses or deletes their email.

Below are a couple of links to help you better understand if you are eligible for EI this summer.

Here is the link for EI

Each person’s situation is a bit different so you will have to work through the process on your own and call Service Canada if you have any questions.

The Reference Code for EI Applications for June 2015 school-related intake:

Effective: 19 Jun, 2015
Expiry: 24 Jul, 2015

The Reference Code for EI Applications for Dec 2015 school-related intake:

Effective: 18 Dec, 2015
Expiry: 15 Jan, 2016

The Reference Code for EI Applications for Mar 2016 school-related intake:

Effective: 11 Mar, 2016
Expiry: 02 Apr, 2016

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