OT Tip: Prep Time & the Daily OT

Prep time and the Daily OT

This is a topic that arises from time to time and I felt the need to re-visit it.

A teacher’s prep time is for them to use as seen fit. When a daily OT takes over the classroom for the day they have the right to a self-directed prep time. However, the plans may suggest that the OT make photocopies for the next period, gather resources for the next math lesson, take some time to assess the previous science lesson, deal with a class management issue, write observational notes, mark on a rubric, etc. All those things that a teacher would use a prep time for. As you know the OT may be able to cover some of those items during their prep, but things can arise and they might not get to them.

However, it would be inappropriate to instruct an OT to go assist in another classroom, I fail to see how that would be considered prep work and it erodes not just our own collective agreement, but the Waterloo Teacher Locals’ as well.

If any teacher chooses to use a prep time to assist in another classroom they may do so.

I feel that some suggestion is okay because the OT might not know what needs prepared depending on the plans that are left.

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