Woman to Woman dinner – April 15, 2015

The WROTL Status Committee is sponsoring two of our members to attend the ‘Woman to Woman’ dinner being hosted in conjunction with the permanent teachers Status committee on April 15 at the Concordia Club.  The flyer advertising this event was included in the newsletter that Nathan sent out just before the Spring Break – on March 12.

This event is a very long-standing Federation event in Waterloo Region and is a great chance to meet and network with other women.  The speaker this year comes to us from ‘Shannen’s Dream’, a foundation carrying on the work begun by Shannen, a young First Nations girl who sought to improve the educational opportunities for children on reserves.  This promises to be a very interesting presentation.

Please ‘throw your hat in the ring’ for our draw for the $25 tickets!  The timeline is quite short.  Please send an email to jcutts@etfowatots.ca before 4:30 on Monday, March 30.  I will let the lucky two know that evening.

I am also including a flyer advertising a Women’s Multicultural Gathering to be held on March 28.  Anyone who is interested in attending should follow the registration information included on the flyer.
Judy Cutts
WROTL Status of Women Committee

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