Fourth Annual Carousel of Workshops – April 17, 2015


Come out and spend your PD Day learning and growing with your colleagues.  Choose from a great selections of topics.

  • Each participant will enjoy three workshops as well as a keynote speaker
  • Door Prizes will be given out this year
  • A continental breakfast and a great lunch will be served
  • To register click here

April 17th, 2015

  • 8:00am: Registration and Continental Breakfast
  • 9:00am to 10:30am: Session #1
  • 10:45am to 12:15pm: Session #2
  • 12:15pm: Lunch
  • 1:00pm: Keynote Speaker: Dave O’Neill
    Dave O’Neill is a seasoned supply teacher.  He talks about his struggles with the loss of his right arm in a workplace accident at the age of 16.  His core message: anything is possible with hard work and determination.  The result is up to you!
  • 1:45pm to 3:15pm: Session #3
  • 3:20pm: Door Prizes!

To register click here

Workshop Session Topics:

Using Technology in the Classroom (AM Only)

Get Creative on your iPad!  This is a workshop for teachers who are familiar with the basic use of an iPad and who are looking for some new ideas for creative projects for students. We will explore a variety of apps for student content creation and will brainstorm and share ideas for classroom use at Pr, Jr and Int levels. All teachers are welcome! BYOiPad!

Math Assessment

Math – Eliminating the textbook, homework, and the test so that math can be delivered, practiced, and assessed with authenticity.


I have to teach music???  I have to teach music!!!  This session will turn your question marks into exclamation marks and fill your OT tool kit with songs, games and activities appropriate for music class and beyond.  Appropriate for LTOs and Daily OTs, those with musical experience and those looking to acquire some! 🙂

The Talk Curriculum (AM Only)

Talk is a dynamic medium for learning in all areas and at all levels of schooling.  Learn how to infuse oral communication into your classroom.  The Talk Curriculum focuses on social talk, task talk, out loud talk (e.g. choral dramatization), book talk and drama talk.

Maternal/Parental Leave

Thinking of having a baby?  Have some questions?  This workshop will provide information for those thinking about having children or are going to be having them soon.

Kindergarten (PM Only)

Supplying in kindergarten is a completely different experience. During this workshop, an FDK team will give you some tips and tricks to make it through (and enjoy!) a day in kindieland. It will be an interactive problem-solving session where you can share those traps that can trip you up. In addition to classrooom management, we will discuss effective documentation, quick mini-lessons in Math, and how to support child self-regulation.

Physical Education

Ever wondered how to set up a great physical education program??  Come out and learn a few tips from a great team of physical education teachers.  Some great ideas for low organizational games will also be discussed.

Hoster by WROTL @ Grand River Collegiate Institute
175 Indian Road
Kitchener, ON
Friday, April 17, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM (EDT)

To register click here

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