Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) Strike

ONADuring our Bill 115 struggle the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA), their president, Linda Haslam-Stroud, and their members, provided us with amazing support across the province. They were at our rallies, demonstrations, and on our picket lines.

Our sisters and brothers at ONA have reached a critical point in their negotiations on behalf of 3,500 health CCAC professionals (Care Coordinators, RN’s, Nurse Practitioners, RPN’s, OT’s, PT’s, Social Workers, and Allied Health Professionals) who are employed at 10 Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) across Ontario.

I’m asking that we support our ONA sisters and brothers in their fight for a fair and respectful collective agreement. In the event that they are on strike as of tomorrow, or in the near future, I am asking that we provide them with as much support as possible at the 10 CCACs across Ontario. Their fight is our fight!

Right now I ask that you take 2 minutes to send a message to MPP’s by clicking on http://www.ona.org/political_action/supportccac.html

ONA’s fight is about trying to break the normative improvements ONA achieved for 60,000 members in hospitals, public health, and long term care.  The employer is attempting to break the wage grid improvements that have now set the standard in Ontario for many unionized workers.

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