Connecting…Occasionally – Feb 24, 2015

nathan-coreHello Members,

Education is making headlines locally, as well as provincially this week. Both issues impact occasional teachers and were discussed at the WRDSB board meeting last night. The new Health and Physical Education curriculum is now available for your review and will be implemented in September.

Schools were closed due to severe weather last Friday in accordance with the board’s cold weather procedure. I expect that we may see some changes in the future.

There are a lot of opportunities in this copy of Connecting…Occasionally, please take the time to read it carefully.


WRDSB T4 Slips

WRDSBOn February 17th the WRDSB posted the following message on their waterworks system:

The 2014 T4’s can be located by logging into:

Click once on the Self Service Portal option.  Next, log in using your PAL username and password.  Then select T4 and T4A.  Click on the letters T4 beside the year 2014.  Once the document opens, you can print the T4.

Only electronic copies will be provided unless employees make a request for a printed copy. Requests for printed copies of 2014 T4’s must be sent via Waterworks to “T4 Request”.

Those staff members currently on a full leave of absence, and staff that have retired or resigned from the Board, will receive a printed copy of their 2014 T4 at the current employee address on record, via Canada Post.

T4A’s, will be printed and mailed as required.

In the event you are unable to access the Self Service portal, please log a help desk ticket with the Board’s IT Department at:

Subfinder 2015 Update

SubfinderCurrently the Subfinder system allows members to opt out of calls from specific schools. This not only benefits our members but it also saves time in allowing the system to make intelligent calls and only contact employees that are willing to work at that site.

In order to better serve both the board and the Occasional Teachers there has been some discussion as to allowing Occasional Teachers the ability to opt out of Subfinder calls for specific qualifications or divisions. Similar to the ability to limit school sites, this would allow the system the ability to only contact employees that are willing to work in that division or subject.

I’ve invited you to fill out the Subfinder System Poll there is only one question: Link here  

Unavailability and Fail to Fill Reminders

SubfinderThe board requests that Occasional Teachers remember to book themselves out of the Subfinder system if they are in a LTO or are unavailable for work. There is no penalty for booking yourself unavailable and it will stop the system from wasting time calling unavailable OTs. This process is considerably easier with the online component.

A reminder to Occasional Teachers to utilize the Fail to Fill line in the mornings that they don’t have a pre-booked assignment.

More information about the fail-to-fill process please can be found here:

I encourage all OTs to try the fail-to-fill line if you want to ensure a steady amount of work.