Fail-to-Fills: Be Ready!

A reminder out to Occasional Teachers that utilize the Fail to Fill line in the morning.

The expectation of calling the Fail to Fill line is you are ready to be deployed for that morning.  The board is finding that OTs are calling the line and when they call them back they are told they will be late because the OT is not ready (need to shower, make lunch, find babysitter, walk dog, still in bed… etc)

For more information about the fail-to-fill process please head to the local website

We have had a large increase in the amount of unfilled jobs, especially on Mondays and Fridays. I encourage all OTs to try the fail-to-fill line if you want to ensure a steady amount of work.

Staffroom Thursday – Running Records & CASI – Nov. 27, 2014

Staff Room Thursday will be held this Thursday (November 27th) at 4:30 pm at the WROTL office (130 Highland Rd E, Kitchener). The topic of discussion will be Running Records and CASI. What are they? Why do teachers do them? How often?

Staff Room Thursday is an informal gathering for OT’s to meet and share ideas or ask questions. There is no registration, so just come out and meet some new people! A light snack will be provided.

See you there!

Workshop Opportunity: Rethinking Green

The Professional Learning Committee is pleased to welcome Sue Continelli, who will be presenting Rethinking Green.

Rethinking Green is an after-school workshop designed to provide practical strategies, resources and curriculum connections that support environmental education and sustainable practices in the classroom and the community. The workshop was developed in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute and Learning for a Sustainable Future.

The goals of the workshop are:

  • To help teachers gain a deeper understanding of the importance of environmental education and sustainable practices connected to the classroom and the community;
  • To effectively integrate environmental education through cross-curricular connections; and
  • To explore strategies, activities and resources to turn ideas into action in the classroom, on the school yard and in the local community

The workshop will take place Tuesday December 9, 2014 from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm, at our local office (130 Highland Rd East, Kitchener).  Registration is limited.   A light meal will be provided. Childcare subsidy available upon request.

Please note that parking is available behind the building.

To register go to
The PL Committee

SubFinder Apps: A No No

It has come to the attention of the local and the board as to the existence of 3rd party Subfinder apps that are available at a cost to members. The board is looking at the possibility of blocking these apps after equity issues have since arose. An occasional teacher should not be able to pay a fee to get a competitive edge over another when accepting work. The major issue that these app have presented though is that they are against board policy.

Administrative Procedure 4070 RESPONSIBLE USE PROCEDURE for INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION TECHNOLOGIES4.5 protecting the integrity of their account usernames and passwords

By providing a username and password to a 3rd party app, the member could be in violation of the boards communication policy.