Provincial Elections Update

Campaigns across the region are underway and I have included some information below to help you be more informed for this important election. ETFO provided a questionnaire to each of the political parties.

Below is the official Questionnaire and the responses from each of the 4 major parties.

You can see the levels of respect given to Teachers based solely on the responses. I hope everyone can make a pledge to Stop Hudak in this next election

Volunteer your time, take a lawn sign, talk about the issues. This election is more important than ever. Below is contact information for the supported candidates in the WKC Region. Find out how you can help!


Kitchener Waterloo   Catherine Fife NDP
Address: 133 Weber St North, Unit 6, Waterloo, N2J 4E7
Phone number:  519-883-8300

Kitchener Conestoga Wayne Wright Liberal
Address: 808 Courtland Avenue East, Unit 1, Kitchener N2C 1K3
Phone number:  519-742-9266

Kitchener Centre       Daiene Vernile Liberal
Address: Unit 8, 421 Greenbrook Drive, Kitchener, N2M 4K1
Phone number:  519-954-8100

Cambridge                – Katheryn McGarry Liberal
Address: 350 Hespeler Road, Unit 10, Cambridge
Phone number:  519 700-1884

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