June 27th PD

June 27, 2014 PD Day is designated as the ETFO PD Day in accordance with the terms of our Collective Agreement. The timing of the day this year requires a different format.

The June 27, 2014 PD Day is a regular paid work day for all members in an LTO. The expectation for this day is that teachers will be at their current work site during the regular school day and engaged in a variety of self-directed professional activities including those set out as end of year expectations by the WRDSB.

  • There will be no staff meeting or other activities organized by administration for ETFO-WROTL members on June 27, 2014. It is expected that the WRDSB will be providing direction to administrators around the June staff meeting.
  • Staff parties or other, similar functions are not appropriate during the regular work day and should be planned for times outside of the regular school day or outside of the regular school year.
  • Members are reminded that there can be no requirement for meetings of any kind outside of the regular school year. Gatherings during the summer should be both voluntary and social, and not include any school business.

This has previously been agreed upon and communicated to both members and administrators in previous years by ETFO and the WRDSB.

Should there be any questions or concerns that arise with respect to this memo, please contact the ETFO-WROTL office at 519-571-0222

Written by Communications Officer

ETFO WROTL Communications Officer 2011/2012

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