LTO List Update

LTO List Update


As you are aware the board has been advising me that the LTO List would be opened up some time soon in the new year.  As such, I have been advising a number of members that this should take place.  I have now learned from the Board that the Board is not putting out a posting for the LTO list right now.  Once a decision has been made as to when the board will open the list, the Board has indicated they will make everyone aware of the timing and the process.

Unfortunately, Regulation 274, as you know has very vague language throughout.  Therefore this is yet another issue that we will be taking to the provincial committee on Regulation 274.
I know this is very frustrating, but the provincial office is aware of all of the problems with the regulation and is working on getting them rectified.  I will keep you updated as soon as I hear anything regarding this issue.

Written by Communications Officer

ETFO WROTL Communications Officer 2011/2012

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