Collective Bargaining Update – Feb. 2014

The Occasional Teacher Local Collective Bargaining Committee has begun the process of developing a preliminary submission for the next round of bargaining.  Our current contract expires in August, 2014.

The Provincial ETFO organization has outlined some ‘broad stroke’ goals for bargaining.  There is so much ‘unknown’ at this point.  It is impossible to predict what negotiations will look like under Bill 122, and where Regulation 274 is going, and there is much uncertainty about the status of the Memorandum of Understanding after our agreements expire.  It is ‘uncertain times’ for all and we all await changes to those pieces of legislation.
Many of the same local priorities established for the last round of bargaining will be included in the new submission, as our opportunity to discuss these items with the Board for our current contract was severely curtailed this year.  The committee is inviting, and encouraging, member input into this process. We will be sending a survey to all members this spring, and will be establishing dates and times when members are encouraged to come and speak with the committee to let us know what issues we might present to the Board.  Please watch for further information about these opportunities to have input into the process.
A provincial election, if it is held this spring, may have a considerable impact on our situation.
Interesting days ahead – please stay informed and take advantage of opportunities to become involved.
Judy Cutts
Chief Negotiator

Written by Communications Officer

ETFO WROTL Communications Officer 2011/2012

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