VLAP Instructions for OTs

Download VLAP Instructions and Application formVLAP Guidlines ETFO 2013.pdf

  1. Please review these guidelines and the VLAP Request Form before submission.
  2. Employees may apply for up to five (5) unpaid VLAP days in the 2013-2014 school year. The provision for VLAP days became effective June 23, 2013 and expires June 30, 2014.
  3. For teaching staff, requests for unpaid days shall not be denied provided that there is expected to be enough available occasional teachers to cover for absent employees, and subject to system and school requirements. Administrators will record the date/time the VLAP Request Form is received and requests will be considered for approval in order of receipt.
  4. Employees must submit their requests for VLAP days thirty (30) calendar days prior to the date(s) requested.
  5. For VLAP days which are scheduled for the 2013-2014 school year the salary reduction will be equalized for the remaining pay periods (October 18, 2013, through to and including August 8, 2014) provided the request is made in writing and received by Human Resources using the VLAP Request Form by September 30, 2013.

    For days requested and approved after September 30, 2013, the salary reduction will not be equalized over the remaining school year pay periods. For clarity, VLAP days will be deducted from the next possible bi-weekly pay.

    Special note regarding March 7, 2014: If a VLAP day is requested for March 7, 2014 the salary reduction for that day will not be equalized over the 2013/2014 school year.

  6. Once a VLAP request has been approved it cannot be rescinded or changed except by mutual consent of the teacher and the Board.
  7. 7. Requests for VLAP days will not normally include the one (1) week period following the start of the school year and days needed to support student assessment periods and parent reporting.
  8. Administrators should ensure accurate and up to date tracking of VLAP absences, as well as other school based absences to ensure that an acceptable number of teachers are present on any given day. Carefully monitor the times of the year that may be high request times.
  9. VLAP days can be approved for PD days including Ministry mandated PD days. Teachers will be responsible for obtaining information presented to staff.
  10. Requests for VLAP days must be for the employee’s full regular working day.
  11. Teachers will be required to prepare lesson plans and appropriate work for each of their classes and be responsible for other regular teaching duties including but not limited to preparation of report cards, etc.
  12. Teachers may buy back their pension service credit for VLAP days directly from Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP). It is the responsibility of the teacher to contact OTPP to make arrangements to buy back pension service credit.

T4 Instructions for OTs

T4 Instructions

Download: WRDSB T4 Instructions.pdf

  1. Go to the WRDSB Board Website at http://www.wrdsb.ca
  2. Click on the “STAFF” tab
  3. Enter your PAL username and password.
  4. Click on the “Self Service Portal” box (if a warning appears see the note below)
    • Please note that some browsers will warn users that the site is not safe. Please click continue to this website. It is fine to proceed.
  5. Enter your PAL username and password again
  6. Under Employee Functions (on left of screen) click on T4 and T4A link
  7. Click on T4
  8. Print your T4
    • If you are experiencing technical problem please log an IT Help Desk ticket
  9. Once you have viewed and printed your T4 you must Log Out of the Self Service Portal.
    • Using the browser back arrow, return to the Self Service Portal, click on your name (upper right corner), select “Sign Out”

President’s Message – February 14, 2014

Full of information, free events, and opportunites

Congratulations to those in LTOs finishing report cards! I know that this time of the year can be a stressful period. The winter break is over and it seems like we are never getting out of this deep freeze, but we shall persist

A special welcome to the over 200 new Occasional Teachers that were added to our ranks over the last couple weeks. I ask that some of the more veteran OTs and those in LTOs keep an eye out for our newest members and make them feel welcome in our schools.

For those new members that have not picked up their resources from this office, I encourage you to stop in some time, before or after an assignment. Our local office is very central and it is an opportunity for you to visit our space.
If you do decide to drop by, it is best if you give a quick call ahead of time. The address is 130 Highland Rd E, Kitchener. 519-571-0222

LTO List Update

LTO List Update


As you are aware the board has been advising me that the LTO List would be opened up some time soon in the new year.  As such, I have been advising a number of members that this should take place.  I have now learned from the Board that the Board is not putting out a posting for the LTO list right now.  Once a decision has been made as to when the board will open the list, the Board has indicated they will make everyone aware of the timing and the process.

Unfortunately, Regulation 274, as you know has very vague language throughout.  Therefore this is yet another issue that we will be taking to the provincial committee on Regulation 274.
I know this is very frustrating, but the provincial office is aware of all of the problems with the regulation and is working on getting them rectified.  I will keep you updated as soon as I hear anything regarding this issue.