LTO Benefits

Article 13.08 of the ETFO Collective Agreement Permeates Long Term Occasional teachers to enroll in the WRDSB Benefit Plan, provided that the employee pays 100% of the premium cost, and that the LTO is a minimum of 60 days in length.

Enrollment is OPTIONAL for LTOs. While your LTO qualifies you for enrollment, should you choose to sign up for benefits, the benefits remain in place for the duration of your employment.

The current benefit monthly premiums are as follows


  • Single – $105.22
  • Family $284.72


  • Single – $46.70
  • Family – $145.08


  • Basic $2000 – $0.38
  • Basic $25000 – $4.76
  • Optional (per $10000) – $1.28


*IMPORTANT – If you do not wish you enroll at this time your will be offered benefits again if you qualify with a future LTO as well as when you are successful to a contract position.

If you change your mind and cancel benefits you will not be able to automatically re-enroll if you get a contract. You will be required to submit Evidence of Insurability, and Basic life/Dental is mandatory.