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Timmy’s Meet and Greet – Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our second Tim Horton’s gathering for this year will be held on Tuesday, October 29th, from 3:45 until 5:00ish.  Please join us at the Tim’s at Myer’s Rd and #24 (Water St) in Cambridge.

We are always happy to have members come to ask questions, discuss issues, share experiences or just to socialize.  Come if you can!

Severe Weather Information

The Inclement Weather Policy from the WRDSB is found in the system memos. I have attached a copy here for your convenience: WEATHER POLICY

For daily OTs the Radio/Online announcement is considered our 2 hour notice.

LTO Benefits

Article 13.08 of the ETFO Collective Agreement Permeates Long Term Occasional teachers to enroll in the WRDSB Benefit Plan, provided that the employee pays 100% of the premium cost, and that the LTO is a minimum of 60 days in length.

Enrollment is OPTIONAL for LTOs. While your LTO qualifies you for enrollment, should you choose to sign up for benefits, the benefits remain in place for the duration of your employment.

The current benefit monthly premiums are as follows


  • Single – $105.22
  • Family $284.72


  • Single – $46.70
  • Family – $145.08


  • Basic $2000 – $0.38
  • Basic $25000 – $4.76
  • Optional (per $10000) – $1.28


*IMPORTANT – If you do not wish you enroll at this time your will be offered benefits again if you qualify with a future LTO as well as when you are successful to a contract position.

If you change your mind and cancel benefits you will not be able to automatically re-enroll if you get a contract. You will be required to submit Evidence of Insurability, and Basic life/Dental is mandatory.

The Roster and LTO List

Both the Roster and LTO List have been updated. The board has confirmed that these will be updated bi-weekly on the Thursday of each pay week. Access them through

Offense Declaration and Online Training

Today is the last day (second chance) for your Offense Declarations!

Login to

Make sure you also visit the WRDSB’s On-line Employee Training Centre and ensure that you have completed your health and safety videos.


Staff Room Thursday – Networking – Oct 17, 2013

This Thursday, October 17th will be our first Staffroom Thursday of the school year. Please join us at the WROTL office at 4:30pm. The topic of discussion will be “Networking in the Schools.” We will be sharing and discussing ideas for how to become better known in the schools and hopefully acquire more OT jobs.

Staffroom Thursdays are informal gatherings for OTs to meet and discuss relevant issues and teaching strategies. Since OTs don’t have a staffroom of their own, this is a great opportunity meet other people in the same position as you and who have similar challenges. Come out and meet some new people!

MOU and Locally Agreed Items

The Memorandum Between ETFO and the Board with locally agreed items in Schedule A and an overview of the ETFO MOU Improvements will be posted to the website for members to review. There will be a short presentation at the Fall Annual Meeting.