WRDSB Message from HR to OTs

Hello Members,

I have been asked by the Board to resend this e-mail to ALL current members. This e-mail was sent by the Waterloo Region District School Board, via Waterworks, in July. Many Occasional Teachers have not checked their Waterworks account, misplaced or deleted this e-mail and are missing some very important information. If you have already seen this e-mail please disregard.

Nathan Core
Waterloo Region Occasional Teachers’ Local President

P.S The Local’s Fall mail-out is in progress and our Local Calendars (with schools, numbers, etc) are currently being printed. They will soon arrive by post!

The following message is sent on behalf of Brian Driver, Manager, Human Resources Please do not reply to this email. Questions, concerns or changes should be directed to SF Operator.

Dear Colleague:

This email will confirm your continuance on the Elementary Occasional Teacher list for the 2013-2014 school year. If you are no longer available for Elementary Occasional teaching and wish your name removed from the Elementary Occasional Teacher list please email SF Operator.

Offence Declaration

Early in the 2013-2014 school year you will be directed to complete your annual offence declaration online using the Imenu portal (ECNO). Please watch for these instructions via a System Memo in the Fall of 2013. As this date can fluctuate, please refrain from contacting Human Resources/Subfinder to inquire on an exact date. Once it is available, it will be announced and will be very clear on your ECNO account. Failure to complete the online offence declaration will result in your restriction from work and a new police check (at your own cost) will need to be completed and submitted to Human Resources prior to reactivation. Online Training will be required of all WRDSB employees.

Please watch for the System Memo(s) that will indicate what is required and the deadline dates.

Online Training

Online training is required for: Sabrina’s Law, WHMIS, Violence in the Workplace

New for this coming school year is online training for Accessibility for Ontarians. The Provincial Government has legislated that all school Board employees receive training by November 30, 2013. Again, please watch for further direction in the Fall of 2013.


The Board utilizes Waterworks email for all communication to you. Please ensure that you keep your account active and that you monitor it regularly. Should you have technical difficulties, the IT Help desk (ext 5566) is available to you.


In order to teach in Ontario your status must be ‘Good Standing’ with the Ontario College of Teachers. Should the Ontario College of Teachers inform us of a change in your status your name will be removed from SubFinder until such time that your status reflects ‘Good Standing’. You can review your status by logging onto the Ontario College of Teachers website at http://www.oct.ca/

Collective Agreement Details

As a reminder, your Collective Agreement has the following article: 8.06 “An Occasional Teacher who has not accepted occasional teacher assignments that constitute a minimum of ten (10) full or half days of work prior to Jun15th each school year will be notified by Human Resources by registered letter no later than June 30th that their name will be removed from the Elementary Occasional Teacher list effective September 1st.”

We remind you that the required 2-hour notification for canceled jobs due to severe weather will be via media announcement. A listing of the local TV/radio stations appears on the procedure. If you are unavailable for a period of time or you are in either an LTO position or have a less than full time contract teaching position, it is your responsibility to use the available features in SubFinder to program your unavailability. Otherwise the system will continue to call you, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of the system and could result in delays in filling open jobs.


Starting in September 2013 we will be launching the Web Based version of SubFinder to all Occasional Teachers. Attached to this email is a User Guide and a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) sheet to assist you. When you log into the Web Based version of SubFinder I recommend you watch the short video tutorial. I have highlighted some areas of the video that are specific to the WRDSB. (See FAQ document). Accessing the Web based version is simply another option made available to you. It is not mandatory that you use the web based product. The phone option will always remain available to everyone.

  • The web address for SubFinder is: [ https://subfinder.wrdsb.on.ca
  • Your User Name is your last name (not case sensitive) Your Password is your PIN (EIN+last 3 digits of your SIN)


ECNO access https://ec-imenu.wrdsb.on.ca The ECNO site provides you access to

  • your Paystub;
  • Online Offence Declaration; and
  • Collective Agreements.

Please ensure you inform Human Resources via Waterworks email (SF Operator) should you have any changes in your address, phone number, qualifications, or the schools that you are willing to accept occasional teaching assignments.

Please include your EIN in all correspondence to SF Operator. Fail to Fill line: Calls may be left after 6:30 am each school day. Please speak clearly as we potentially will be returning your phone call. Leave your name, EIN, phone number, city you are located and any extra pertinent information (ie, you are working at a specific school for a half day, leaving the start or end time of your day).

Calls will only be returned if there is work available to offer you.


Elementary Fail to Fill – 519-570-03 EXT 4245

There is an Operator on duty at the Education Centre (from 6:00 am to 1:30 pm each business day). 519-570-0003 ext 4226.

Please keep in mind the busiest time of day is between 6:00 am to 9:00 am when we are filling jobs within our schools. Please do not reply to this email.

Questions, concerns or changes should be directed to SF Operator.



Brian J. Driver

Manager Human Resources

Written by Communications Officer

ETFO WROTL Communications Officer 2011/2012

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