Subfinder info and newsletter addenda…


Re:  Subfinder online messages… All members, not just those on the SF pilot programme, will be receiving ‘no reply’ online notifications of assignments and modifications and cancellations.  These will be coming to your Waterworks accounts, from “Subfinder notification – NO REPLY”.  All members need to be checking their Waterworks accounts regularly.

Employees will be able to change their personal email notification (ie: Hotmail, gmail,sympatico,rogers, etc.) account once the Board launches the Web version of Subfinder (planned for the fall of 2013).  However, for now, all notifications will be sent to members’ Waterworks email.

This is a new feature and there are/will be some glitches.  If you have any questions or concerns about a message you might receive, please check with Subfinder through the phone system, and if that does not resolve your question, forward the email to the Principal of the school and ask for clarification.  Some of these messages come at unusual hours and on the weekends – send the email onto the Principal/Administrator of the school for clarification a.s.a.p.

You should not be receiving pre-booked assignments for EA or DECE positions unless you are also on those rosters.

Re:  June process for LTO and Contract positions…  I have a meeting scheduled for Friday morning, June 14, with the HR department, at which time I hope to get more information about the June hiring process.  I will send an email to all members when I know anything further.  In the short term, I encourage those on ‘the list’ to seriously consider what they are willing to accept once the postings come out, should a position be offered.  This is a totally new process.  Members who have been so eager to accept any portion of a contract, or short or part-time LTOs to get their foot in the door in the past, now have some decisions to make ahead of time – and you need to do that now.  If you don’t have a car or are not willing to do winter driving, or need to be closer to the city for your own family reasons, then you might not want to apply for a position at a rural or a distant location.  If you have a grade/subject preference, you may wish to wait for one of those assignments to come available.  If you have family considerations – consider them now – those could influence whether you are willing to apply for a part-time contract/LTO – or not.  Do the thinking now and only apply for positions you are willing to accept.  That will help with the application process as well.

Just a word of advice, for your consideration…Do not ‘second guess’ yourselves… Once you have accepted a position – based upon your consideration of what you are willing to accept, celebrate!!  Do not think ‘I should have waited for…’  or ‘I wish I had known…’!

Good luck as next week unfolds!

Re: Keys  We have made considerable progress in addressing the need for OTs to have classroom keys for all assignments.  It is essential that every teacher be able to secure the location in which they are working – whether with a whole class or a few students, or by yourself – in case of a school lockdown situation.  Please continue to let me know of incidents in which no keys are provided.  The Board has been diligent in following up on these situations and we appreciate their support in this endeavor.

Don’t forget that it is the OT’s responsibility to return the keys to the school office at the end of the day!

Judy Cutts

WROTL President

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