More WRDSB List Hiring News – June 2013

I have updates on several topics…
Some of these will not affect all members, but I strongly encourage all members to read this information carefully…

1. Update on the hiring process…

I have been swamped with emails and phone calls.  My apologies to those I have been unable to answer personally.  If there were questions of a general nature I have sent them off to HR and include the responses here…

  • Candidates may call the schools to inquire more specifically about a posting if they feel the posting is not clear.  For instance, if it is less than a full time position the portion of the day/week may influence a candidate’s decision about applying to a position.
  •  The Board will not be looking to accommodate requests for two .5 positions being combined to make a 1.0 position.
  • Candidates will receive a phone call from Principals about their placement (as opposed to emails, notices through Waterworks, etc.).  Contract calls will be made first – hopefully on the 27th.  LTOs will be contacted, hopefully, on June 28
  • Required AQs are as follows: Spec Ed-1 for SERT and Spec Ed jobs.,  FSL-1 or an for French jobs, ESL-1 for ESL jobs, Phys. Ed., Art, Music, Science at the grade 7/8 level will require the additional qualification or an equivalent University degree.  If a candidate has a French Teachable and the appropriate Pr or Jr division they may apply to immersion or core.
  • Cover letters are not required and will not be considered.

I have asked a couple of other questions of the HR department and have not received answers to this point.  If I get more information on Monday, I will inform members.

2. Stay Positive

I understand that members are very weary.   I understand the ‘suspicion’ and angst and uneasiness that this entire hiring process has caused for members who have been asked to endure a very challenging process in the past few months.  This has been a trying time.  I do want to remind members to be quite mindful, however, of comments that may be overheard in various venues that can be misunderstood or be construed to be more negative than may be the intent, or that members may wish to be seen as the intent.  So much of an OTs reputation and their chances to be asked to return to a school, or to accept a longer term position in a school, can hinge on a ‘first impression’ or a feeling that an administrator, parent, or other educational worker in a school gets, in any number of ways, and in various places – staff rooms, classrooms, even the mall or at social gatherings, sporting events and, maybe, ‘Tupperware-type’ parties!

We need to be discreet.   It serves no one to be seen to be critical of the Board about a system over which the Board has little or no control.  This whole Reg’n 274 has been imposed upon everyone.  It is not ‘the Board’s fault’, (nor the fault of this office!)  that this has unfolded in the manner it has.

There have been so many unanswered questions and so many variations in interpretation across the province. There appears to be little consistency on any level.  At this point, the process that our Board is implementing seems ‘more fair’ than many, and offers a ‘quick resolution’ for many members, at least.  As it unfolds, we will count on members to let us – the Union, and the HR department – know how it has impacted them.

I also know that members have had to endure a lot of negative comments from some contract teachers, some administrators, some educational workers, and some other Occasional Teachers in recent days as well.  I feel badly about that.  Everyone is simply worn out this year and often that translates, as indicated above, into comments that might not have been made had an individual thought about where they were speaking, and who their audience was…  We all need some ‘summer’….


3. 10 Occurences

***Important information for all members who have been on (maternity or other) leave this year or otherwise unable to complete the 10 occurrences of Occasional Teaching as required in order to remain on the OT roster, under article 8.06 of our Collective Agreement.  As a result of discussions, the Board has agreed to waive the requirement for members to have completed the 10 occurrences of Occasional Teaching this year on a ‘without prejudice’ basis.  Therefore, everyone who has been on our roster this school year (2012-2013) will be on our roster for the next school year (2013-2014).  No members will be receiving letters of termination from our roster by June 30, 2013.  This issue will be discussed and resolved during our Local negotiations’ discussions.  If you do not intend to work as an Occasional Teacher in Waterloo Region next year, because you have attained a contract elsewhere, or are retiring, etc. please let us, and the Board, know, so that we can have a more accurate membership list.



Please remember to vote on the issue of the provincial MOU.  I hope many of you listened to the town hall phone call on Wednesday evening.  There is a lot of information that may be helpful in making your decision about how to vote on the site or through the provincial webpage at .  Voting closes on Sunday, June 23 at 6:00 p.m.


5. The last day of school

If you are in an LTO position and expect to be paid for June 28th, you need to be at your school for the portion of the day that represents your assignment – all day if you are in a 1.0 assignment, half a day if you’re in a .5 assignment etc.  I would be certain that I was ‘seen’ during those hours as well, and that I wished others a cheery ‘Have a good summer!’ before I left at the end of the day!   I understand that some have been told they don’t need to attend the staff meeting at their school, but I would recommend that they attend the school, and if their room/duties are completed, that they volunteer to assist the office assistant or the library clerk, or a colleague, etc.  If you have been requested to attend a staff meeting at a school at which you have been placed for September, I would suggest you clarify with the principals where you are to be for the afternoon of June 28th.  Again, make sure you are fulfilling you commitment as an LTO.


6. Personal Info

Please do not request personal information from other members.  Asking for personal information through Waterworks, email or through phone calls can be seen to be intrusive, invasive, and very inappropriate by many.  We must respect others’ privacy.


These are interesting times, indeed…
Judy Cutts
WROTL President

WRDSB June 2013 Hiring Rules

The Board asked us to send this information regarding the next stage of the hiring process to all members this evening.  The Board will follow this process for this ‘round’ of hiring – June 2013 to August, 2013.

Please read it carefully.

To:  Elementary OTs on LTO List
Date: June 18, 2013
From: Human Resources

RE: Filling Vacant Elementary Positions (contract and LTO) following the Elementary In-School Staffing Process for the 2013-14 school year.


For the staffing of 2013-14 school year, the following process to fill permanent positions and known LTO’s prior to the end of the 2012-13 school year will be conducted on a pilot basis.

Next Steps in Elementary Staffing Process:

A posting of all available jobs (contract and LTO, including those LTO assignments that will bridge from the 2012-13 school year into the 2013-14 school year) will be published on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 by noon on ApplytoEducation for those on the LTO List. (As well, a list of available jobs will be posted on Staff Opportunities ranking the available jobs in the following order: i) permanent positions in descending order of FTE, ii) LTO positions in descending order of FTE and from full year to partial year.)

OT’s currently on the LTO List (also referred to as the eligibility to hire list) will be able to apply for those positions for which they are qualified and for which they are prepared to accept and be successful. (highly specialized roles such as ASD, congregated classes, Lutherwood, etc.).

OTs applying to positions need not update their portfolios.

Positions to be filled will be posted through ApplytoEducation for five weekdays. (by noon on June 19, 2013 to June 25, 2013 @ 4:30 p.m.)

Once the postings have closed, Human Resources will review and prepare a list of OT’s who applied for positions, reflecting their order of seniority as well as a listing of positions they had applied to and for which they are qualified.

1. Contract Positions:

Starting with the OT with the greatest seniority, Human Resources will review the positions applied for by the OT.  Where there are multiple schools with the same FTE available and for which the OT has applied, then the selection of the location for placement will be by lot.

Once the OT with the greatest seniority is placed, we will then move to the next most senior applicant and follow the process above. This process will continue until all permanent positions have been filled.

In the case where two or more teachers have the same seniority, the following process will be exercised to break the tie in accordance with Regulation 274:

  • i) ranking among them shall be based on the number of full days (two half days shall be equal to one full day) of teaching in schools of the board;
  • ii) if two or more occasional teachers have the same ranking under i) ranking among them shall be based on the number of years of experience teaching; and
  • iii) if two or more occasional teachers have the same ranking under ii), ranking among them shall be determined by drawing lots, witnessed by the president of the occasional teachers’ bargaining unit or a person designated in writing by the president.

At the end of the process, should a contract position remain unfilled it will be posted to the OT Roster (See OT Roster Posting).

2. LTO Positions:

Centrally, the list of applicants that remain (in order of seniority) along with their qualifications, following the completion of number 1 above (Contract Positions), will be compared to the available LTO positions (starting with 1.0 FTE for the full year and working in a descending order, then 1.0 FTE for a partial year and working in a descending order).

Where there are multiple schools with the same FTE available, then the selection of the location for placement will be by lot and the process below will be followed.  This selection method provides for a random placement and avoids an alphabetical placement according to the school name.

Where there is a match, the OT with the greatest seniority and who has applied for the LTO position, will be placed into that LTO position.  We will then move to the next OT who has the greatest seniority and match them to the next LTO with the greatest FTE to which they applied. This process will continue until all LTO positions have been filled or we have exhausted the LTO List.

Once the LTO List has been exhausted or the remaining LTO positions cannot be filled as there are no other qualified applicants available, the unfilled positions will be posted on ApplytoEducation to the OT Roster (See OT Roster Posting).

3. OT Roster Posting(s)

Once the process to fill vacant positions (Contract Positions and LTO Positions) has occurred, the remaining unfilled positions shall be posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 to the OT Roster through ApplytoEducation.

Positions to be filled will be posted through ApplytoEducation for five weekdays.

Administrators will be able to access their job postings and view those OTs who have applied.  Upon review of the applicants, administrators will select a number of qualified OTs and conduct interviews for their open position.  A minimum of three qualified OTs will be interviewed when the number of qualified applicants exceeds three.  Human Resources will be advised of the successful candidate once all necessary steps have been completed in the interview process.  Administrators will make contact with the successful candidate as well as the unsuccessful candidates.

In the event that a second posting is required to the OT Roster, this will occur on Monday, August 12, 2013.


Upon completion of the placement of applicants to the contract and LTO assignments, confirmation will be sent to the school administrator from Human Resources.  School administrators will be encouraged to make contact with the individual and welcome them to the school.

Human Resources will focus on filling contract positions first and communicate the placement by the end of the day on Thursday June 27th so that Principals may make contact and invite the successful individual to the staff meeting on Friday June 28th.


LTO’s who have been offered an extension into next year (2013-14) and who are on the LTO List are eligible to apply to both the contract and LTO positions.  Should the OT who has been offered the bridge, not be successful to a contract position or an LTO greater than that for which they have been offered through the bridge, the OT will continue in the bridged LTO position.

OT’s who are on the LTO List and are successfully placed into a contract position are eligible to apply to posted contract positions (LTO List) that are greater in FTE than that to which they were successful in obtaining provided they have not commenced their position.

OT’s who are on the LTO List and are placed in an LTO less than 1.0 FTE are eligible to apply to posted LTO positions (posted on the LTO List) that are greater FTE or greater in length of time than that to which they were successful in obtaining provided they have not commenced their position.

Once OT’s from the LTO List have been placed into a position (either contract or for an LTO), they may only apply to postings of a greater benefit either in FTE or length of assignment provided they have not commenced their position. OT’s cannot enter into agreements that will see them switch from one location to another.

New positions for which Human Resources is made aware of following the placement of OT’s from the LTO list for either contract or LTO positions, will follow the Regulation.


An overview of some of the important aspects…(provided by WROTL)

  • Contract and LTO positions will be posted at the same time, tomorrow June 19, 2013, before noon.
  • ApplyToEducation can list them in any order – the Board has no control over the order in which they are listed on ATE.  Positions will also be posted in ‘Staff Opportunities’ in Waterworks in the order described in the information.  Members will find that to be helpful.
  • Only those on ‘The Eligible to Hire to Permanent and LTO positions list’ may apply to contract and LTO positions at this time.
  • Those on ‘the list’ will not be interviewed for specific positions. Based on seniority of those on ‘the list’, they will be placed in positions for which they have applied, and are qualified.  Members should be  prepared to accept a position, if it is offered to them.
  • Those on ‘the list’ may apply to any number of positions – contract or LTO – for which they are qualified.

Judy Cutts

WROTL President

ETFO MOU Voting Info


June 13, 2013
ETFO has achieved a Memorandum of Understanding with the provincial government. Information about the Memorandum of Understanding is available on the Control Your Future website at
Next week, ETFO members will be able to participate in an online vote to decide whether the Memorandum of Understanding should be accepted.
A series of one-hour telephone town hall meetings about the Memorandum of Understanding will be held early next week.
The telephone town hall meetings will also provide members with the opportunity to ask questions about the Memorandum of Understanding.
Further details about the telephone town hall meetings and online vote are found below, as well as on the home page of the Control Your Future website.


Telephone town hall meetings will take place next week during the evening from Monday, June 17th until Wednesday, June 19th. The telephone town hall meetings will be one hour long and are open to ETFO members only. Each ETFO member will be invited to participate in one telephone town hall meeting.
Members who have provided ETFO with an up-to-date telephone number will be receiving a Broadcast Voicemail Message on Thursday, June 13th, between 4 pm and 8 pm with more detailed information about the telephone town hall meetings.
Not able to participate in your telephone town hall meeting? An audio file of the first telephone town hall meeting will be posted in the online voting website


Online Voting Period begins: Monday, June 17, 2013 –7:30 pm
Online Voting Period ends: Sunday, June 23, 2013 – 6:00 pm
The website address for the online vote is:
This website address can be accessed only during the Online Voting Period.
During the Online Voting Period, links to the voting site will be available at:
ETFO ’s main website –


Prior to the Online Voting Period, a dedicated Help Desk is available to assist members who
have misplaced their ETFO cards. The Help Desk can be contacted at
  • 1-877-869-8233
during the following dates and times:
  • Saturday, June 15: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Sunday, June 16: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Monday, June 17: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
…during the Online Voting Period?
Misplaced your ETFO card? Can’t remember your ETFO number? Need help to vote?
The Help Desk is available to assist members during the Online Voting Period. The Help Desk can be contacted at:
  • 1-877-869-8233
Help Desk hours during the voting period are as follows:
  • Monday, June 17 to Thursday, June 20: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
  • Friday, June 21: 9:00 am –9:00 pm
  • Saturday, June 22 to Sunday, June 23: 9:00 am –6:00 pm

Summary of ETFO MOU page 23

This is a summary of the 23 page “Memo” on whose merits we are voting online in the next few days.

June 13, 2013



Addressing the ETFO Salary Penalty

  • Effective September 1, 2014, elimination of the 2% salary penalty for ETFO teachers
  • Effective September 1, 2014, all teacher salaries in Ontario will be funded on the same basis
  • Effective September 1, 2014, ETFO teacher salary grids will be adjusted to reflect what they would  otherwise have beenexcept for the salary penalty.
  • Adjusted grids will be the basis for any future bargaining to replace collective agreements expiring on August 31, 2014

Sick Leave and Short Term Leave and Disability Plan (STLDP)

  • Elimination of 3rd party adjudication
  • No reference to school board Attendance Management programs or Disability Management Teams
  • Elimination of the option of paying 66.67% salary
  • Eligibility improved to include:
    • All members previously entitled to sick leave;
    • Members in a term or long-term assignment; and
    • Any other full-time employee (defined as greater than 24 hours per week)

    Permanent employees:

    • 11 sick days at 100% salary
    • 120 days short term sick leave at 90% salary; and
    • Unused sick days may be carried over to the next school year for the purpose of topping up short term sick leave to 100% salary

    Members in long-term assignments:

    • 11 sick days at 100% salary, pro-rated for assignments that are less than a full school year; and
    • 60 days short term sick leave at 90% salary, pro-rated for assignments that are less than a full school  year

Maternity Benefits

  • Effective May 1, 2013
  •  Eligibility significantly improved to include:
    • All members previously entitled to maternity leave benefits;
    • Members in a term or long-term assignment; and
    • Any other full-time employee (defined as greater than 24 hours per week)
  • 8 weeks, guaranteed at 100%, paid for the entire 8-week period throughout the course of the entire calendar year
  • Superior entitlements apply
  • Optional alternative of 6 weeks at 100% plus meshing of superior entitlements, if the bargaining unit so chooses

Future Grids

  • Government to consult with stakeholders to review employee salary grids
  • Guarantee that no changes to salary grids will be imposed by the government

Voluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence Program (VLAP)

  • Available to all ETFO bargaining unitsUp to 5 unpaid leave days each year (not first week of school, student assessment periods and parent reporting days)
  • Requests for leave shall not be unreasonably denied
  • Net savings to be applied to Offsetting Measures (see below)

Unpaid Days and Offsetting Measures – Teacher Bargaining Units

  • No unpaid day on October 11, 2013
  • Offsetting measures to avoid an unpaid day on March 7, 2014: Voluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence Program;
  • Efficiencies in delivery of professional development for October 11, 2013 PD Day
  • Possible mid-year Early Retirement Incentive Plan of $5000;  and
  • Other local cost-saving measures agreed to by mutual consent
  • One mandatory unpaid day for ETFO teacher bargaining unit members on Friday, December 20, 2013
  • No unpaid days for non-teacher bargaining unit members

Attendance Recognition

  • ETFO members of teacher bargaining units who use fewer than 6 sick days in 2013/2014 (as of June 30, 2014) will receive the equivalent of a full day’s pay
  • All other ETFO members who use fewer than 6 sick days in 2013/2014 (as of June 30, 2014), and who have taken a VLAP day will receive the equivalent of a full day’s pay

Regulation 274–Hiring Practices

  • No changes to Reg. 274/12 that apply to ETFO members without the agreement of ETFO and the school boards
  • Committee of ETFO, school boards and Ministry to review Reg. 274/12 Hiring Practices with a view to establishing hiring practices and implementation procedures agree able to the parties and/or to establish best practices for occasional teacher allocation and development

Non-Vested Retirement Gratuity

  • Members who previously had a retirement gratuity but did not meet the minimum service requirement, or 10 years, will receive a wind-up payment no later than August 31, 2013
  • Improved formula to calculate the amount of the wind-up payment

Job Security – Support Staff

  • No lay-offs unless due to declining enrollment, reduction in government funding specific to a program, or catastrophic events
  • Consultation with ETFO on alternative measures in order to avoid layoffs
  • Minimize necessary layoffs through attrition
  • Superior provisions prevail

Specialized Job Class Salary Adjustment

  • Salary adjustments for particular specialized job classes may be negotiated in accordance with current collective agreement language

Subfinder info and newsletter addenda…


Re:  Subfinder online messages… All members, not just those on the SF pilot programme, will be receiving ‘no reply’ online notifications of assignments and modifications and cancellations.  These will be coming to your Waterworks accounts, from “Subfinder notification – NO REPLY”.  All members need to be checking their Waterworks accounts regularly.

Employees will be able to change their personal email notification (ie: Hotmail, gmail,sympatico,rogers, etc.) account once the Board launches the Web version of Subfinder (planned for the fall of 2013).  However, for now, all notifications will be sent to members’ Waterworks email.

This is a new feature and there are/will be some glitches.  If you have any questions or concerns about a message you might receive, please check with Subfinder through the phone system, and if that does not resolve your question, forward the email to the Principal of the school and ask for clarification.  Some of these messages come at unusual hours and on the weekends – send the email onto the Principal/Administrator of the school for clarification a.s.a.p.

You should not be receiving pre-booked assignments for EA or DECE positions unless you are also on those rosters.

Re:  June process for LTO and Contract positions…  I have a meeting scheduled for Friday morning, June 14, with the HR department, at which time I hope to get more information about the June hiring process.  I will send an email to all members when I know anything further.  In the short term, I encourage those on ‘the list’ to seriously consider what they are willing to accept once the postings come out, should a position be offered.  This is a totally new process.  Members who have been so eager to accept any portion of a contract, or short or part-time LTOs to get their foot in the door in the past, now have some decisions to make ahead of time – and you need to do that now.  If you don’t have a car or are not willing to do winter driving, or need to be closer to the city for your own family reasons, then you might not want to apply for a position at a rural or a distant location.  If you have a grade/subject preference, you may wish to wait for one of those assignments to come available.  If you have family considerations – consider them now – those could influence whether you are willing to apply for a part-time contract/LTO – or not.  Do the thinking now and only apply for positions you are willing to accept.  That will help with the application process as well.

Just a word of advice, for your consideration…Do not ‘second guess’ yourselves… Once you have accepted a position – based upon your consideration of what you are willing to accept, celebrate!!  Do not think ‘I should have waited for…’  or ‘I wish I had known…’!

Good luck as next week unfolds!

Re: Keys  We have made considerable progress in addressing the need for OTs to have classroom keys for all assignments.  It is essential that every teacher be able to secure the location in which they are working – whether with a whole class or a few students, or by yourself – in case of a school lockdown situation.  Please continue to let me know of incidents in which no keys are provided.  The Board has been diligent in following up on these situations and we appreciate their support in this endeavor.

Don’t forget that it is the OT’s responsibility to return the keys to the school office at the end of the day!

Judy Cutts

WROTL President